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Well it had to happen at some point. My wife started to text me about DOGE last week, so I knew we were close. I also felt the urge to increase my investment size in ETH and I started to fantasize about crazy batshit price estimates, like BTC to $1m. I started to think “what if Mcafee was right all along?”

Truth is, this drop is fantastic for people who missed out or who didn’t buy enough. But that doesn’t mean I’m gonna step in and buy now. The whole point of me buying ETH was to have currency diversification, not to make grandiose sums of money trading it. I will continue to dollar cost into ETH every single month and will not be deterred for another 24mos. It has been 11 months since my first purchase of ETH and I intend to keep doing it for a minimum of 24mos.

BTC is trading $31k, ETH under 1k, off by 30%. Good!

Dow futures are -300, shares of TWTR are down 8%. If I’m wrong about TWTR and the banning of Trump turns out to be a serious issue for the company, you could expect to see some 13-D’s filed and some activist investors demanding board seats. It looks like a bumpy start to week 2 of 2021. I’ll have to trade my way out.

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  1. DMXtremelyOnPoint

    “My wife started to text me about DOGE last week, so I knew we were close.” Literally made me laugh out loud. When the Hodl, Lambo Talk and shitcoin talk hits you know we are there.

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  2. kool-aid

    twtr beheaded the head of a terrorist network

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