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Markets Under Pressure — Small Caps Don’t Give a Shit

The Nasdick is getting hammered by 150 points today — but the degenerates who trade have boosted pennies up 1.1% for the day. As you could imagine, a man in my position had no choice but to partake. I started out the day down 3.5% and I traded all the way back, buying and selling this and that, to +0.6%. I have since given back a bit, but intend to fully assert my dominance into the close.

I feeeeel the market isn’t serious about trading lower and I also feeeeeeel we’re heading up again. Too much laughter and tomfoolery to go around, than to trouble ourselves with the realities of a market in the midst of having its fucking bubble popped.

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  1. indexjoe

    Imagine being short! Like 6’0 tall or something. Pathetic

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