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Le Fly Perseveres

It was a mixed week, starting off great, got BOGGED in the middle — but closed out strong AF. I cannot help you become a good trader and I never will teach you anything on purpose. I am a fisherman and I catch large fish and feed them to pikers here on the site.

In the olden days, many decades ago, I used to give all of my picks here for free. But then after some circumvention with the advent of me becoming a FULL TIME TRADER, no longer managing other people’s money, I made the decision you were of course undeserving of my ideas — for they were passed down to me via ZEUS himself and I could not commit such grave atrocities for people as lowly as yourselves. I hope you could appreciate when I say, sign up to Exodus for an endless seafood bar.

Today’s trades.

CBAY +7.9%
CLNE +6.3%
OPTT +4.5%
MIDD +4.3%
MGM +4.3%
(MOGO -3.4%)
(CLF -4.9%)
PZZA +1.9%
JWN +1.8%
FTCH +1.1%
NCLH -3.5%
DLPH wash
(DPHCW -10.5%)
ACER +6.9%
JMIA +6.1%

The last two were done quickly and I took the 6% because I could. I have little conviction here and find myself SHORT semis and gold — mainly due to my belief in an end to all things, including the hubris of goldFAGS.

See you fuckers on Monday.

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    WTF are we supposed to do now? Watch watermelon reviews?

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