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Nasdaq Runs Into Resistance and Pisses in the Wind

We’re on the other side of it now. Before, the spray came back around and into our faces. But now, now we preside over the indices spraying freely, directly into the faces of all those below us — indecorous creatures, poor, ravaged, forked, radishes.

Now I have a story to tell you, but you’re not ready for it yet. The evolution of this site has been one of regression — folks splayed out cross the interwebs making fools of themselves. If not for me, most of you would be completely lost in this wild jungle of a market — angry apes cracking open your skulls in search for bananas.

I felt the misery and the angst this morning, seeing both DRIP and LABD sack me for some coin. I then tethered into NDRA, only to see it barrel lower. I had a choice to make — book the loss and pretend it didn’t happen, or man up and double down on this loser of a stock, just for the hopes of keeping the dream alive. I chose the latter, because I heeded the advice of JFK and chose the hard route — built atop gravel roads doing irreversible damage to my tires. But the road is wondrous and the backdrop is pastoral, brighter greens and blinding white — the smell of winship infects my persona. It haunts me in the dark and when I sleep.

Adding to my positions was easy, since gold broke loose — I doubled up in NUGT. I also selected several lotto tickets for end of day adventure: AGEN, RETA, and SEEL.

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    Dr. Fly, I don’t know if you saw this one, yet: it was unlisted. It’s short, but completes the collection up to now:

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