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Enough of this fucking crackhead. I don’t care how many hundreds of billions this fool accidentally slipped into. The self-professed bond king has an issue with simple arithmetic.

Let’s go through it.

The SPY is +12% for 2019. Over the past 6 months, it is down 3.5%. Over the psst year, it is up 0.5%. The definition of a bear market is down 20%.

“The stock market was and still is in a bear market,” the founder and chief executive officer of Doubleline Capital said in an investor webcast on Tuesday. He also said stocks could go negative again in 2019.

I don’t give a shit what this person has to say anymore, Hannibal looking motherfucker. SAAS stocks are lighting people’s fucking faces off. Bears are getting their legs sawed off and their arms ripped right from their sockets. There is nothing, whatsoever, aside from the faint memories of late December —  to suggest or imply that we could be, or have been, in a bear market.

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  1. it is showtime

    Keeping with philosophical accuracy

    NAT! —— GAS!

    bear market? or back to where it was? depends your cannabis load

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  2. bronze28

    C’mon FLY , tell us how you REALLY feel.!!

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  3. torero

    20% is some arbitrary fucking number someone pulled out of their ass, the herd swallowed hook line & sinker, no questions asked.

    Have we broken to new highs? No. Bull market trend isn’t confirmed. If you say otherwise your full of shit.

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    • numbersgame

      Exactly.If we aren’t making ATH or 52-week lows 20% or more below the previous ATH, then we don’t know where we are.

      Also, the NASDAQ Dec24 close (6192.92) was 24.6% below the Aug 29 ATH (8109.54). For SPY it was 2351.10 and 2914.04: -19.3%.

      So the last “official” market condition was Bear for the NASDAQ by a large margin, not Bull. For the S&P, it *barely* managed to maintain Bullish status.

      Bulls need AAPL and AMZN. AAPL is holding $180, but AMZN still needs to take out the $1700 resistance, which it has already tried (and failed) 3 times YTD. It broke through on Jan 31 on high volume, then lost 5% the next day on even higher volume after a disappointing earnings release..

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