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Trend Update: New $EA Game Off to Explosive Start — Eating into the Fortnite Hegemony

For the first time in my son’s entire life — he took an interest in the stock market — texting me about some new free game that EA launched, dubbed Apex Legends. He said it was becoming more popular than Fortnite. He said, the stock might want to ‘barrel’ higher, even.

According to nerds, Apex is now at the top of Twitch viewing channels. For those unfamiliar, this is where nerds pay to see other nerds play video games and donate money to them to boot. Some of these nerds make millions of dollars via Twitch — an Amazon company.

Since its announcement and release on February 4, Apex Legends has consistently been on top of the Twitch viewing chart, drawing in numbers that have been way higher than Fortnite’s over that same time span.

Despite having over 600,000 less total hours streamed than Fortnite in the past seven days, Apex Legends incredibly has had almost 11 million more total hours watched.

Apex had an average viewership of 183,089 over that time, nearly 70,000 more than the 115,947 average viewer count of Fortnite.

As of three days ago, Apex had over 10 million downloads for the free game. This is significant because it smashed Fortnite’s record to pieces, accomplishing the feat in just 3 days — where it took the very now unpopular Fortnite two whole weeks to achieve.

Apex Legends, a game from Respawn Entertainment, is a free-to-play game, similar to Fortnite, the popular game that has rocked the traditional gaming industry this quarter.

Apex Legends’ quick traction shows some traditional players are beginning to catch up to the free-to-play, battle royale genre of gaming popularized by Fortnite.

A note from KeyBanc Capital Markets published Friday said it took Fortnite two weeks to gain 10 million players, though it said, “It’s unfair to compare the two, because the market for battle royale was clearly very different 12-18 months ago, but regardless,10M players is quite an accomplishment.”

Shares of EA are higher by 3.1% in the pre-market.

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  1. natehois

    EA is paying the top twitch streamers to play this game right now, something to take into consideration.

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    • speerothekid

      That’s true but a lot of the top streamers don’t need to accept money to play games. They’re pretty picky when it comes to accepting “bribes” from gaming companies because they get them all the time, especially from garbage mobile games.

      I don’t get it, but the top guys that play this game seem to love it. Apparently it fixes a lot of problems that Fortnite had.

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  2. stkfulano

    Hi Fly, ein case you havnt seen it, I have a new mem for you !


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  3. wordofmaoth

    Fortnite has been on top for over a year… a new game was bound to come along…

    However, there is a big tourney the big streamers are all practicing for. Also, as prior post stated top players are being paid to pump this game. Is it fun? Yes, it is better than Call of Duty? yes?

    It is not a fortnite replacement. Fortnite did something with building that was a new game dynamic. Apex is going for the CSGO market of becoming a long term competitive game. I will not pervade pop culture like fortnite. This is more First Person Shooter stuff. Fortnite has such a massive community with so many with a lot of money invested with skins. All they need to do is create another game like they did with “Getaway” and you see how powerful their community is. I got involved with this game last year at my age…never having touched games really as a kid (atari 2600). Fortnite is a work of art…absolutely beautiful…I look forward to when somebody creates something that really tops it. These younger kids are really great…good to see that the generation below the millenials in their 30s seems to be a lot different.

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