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WTI Leads Stocks By the Nose Lower

This is a very simple thing to understand — even a moron can do it.

Markets are subservient to WTI. Presently, WTI is going lower, now down by 2%. This has caused slight weakness in the junk bond markets and of course stocks. Conversely, gold is firming. One cannot take a solid gold bar punch to the face and say it didn’t hurt.

Everything is too small for it to count. This is like taking the opinions of children, or millennials, seriously. The markets are flat. Basing an opinion off a flat bland nothing is more than stupid; bog standard it is cravenous!

As my trading account does nothing, my Quant is +35bps. How and why is it outperforming? Because it’s programmed to do so. Join Exodus you rotten louses and I will teach you.

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  1. mad marsupial

    Lone Star state’s oil production hit a record level not seen since 1973, the same year of the Arab oil embargo that roiled global oil markets. https://is.gd/sa4za8

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