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The Capstone Programme is Here — We’re Live!

We’re finally finished with putting this together.

You can access the landing page here.

This is the most effective way I know to transfer my skills to you. All of the things I’ve learned, trading over the past 20+ years, dipping and dodging thru minefields like a space alien magician (SAM). I’ll attempt to cultivate and mentor you to think like me — by instilling in you the things that make me tick — the disciplines that have enabled me to survive and thrive for so long.

What does it entail?

1 to 3 hours of my time per month. I intend to cover a wide range of topics and will have the assistance of fellow iBC staff, Raul, Ragin Cajun, and a long term iBC ally, Jeff Macke.

Together, we will beat the shit out of you until you get it. Topics will range and vary from technical analysis, fundamental, structuring portfolios, options — anything. I have a long list of things to go through.

Why am I doing this?

After speaking with many of you the past 6 months, doing demos, I realized I was trying to explain complicated algorithms to some great thinkers who didn’t know the first thing about stocks. We need to fast track educate you about some things and I cannot think of a better way than 1 on 1 conversations.

At any rate, I’m excited to do this. It’s the most ambitious offering to date and the most I can offer to any of you, ever. Once inside, be sure to answer the questionnaire email and schedule an appointment using the calendar app.

Talk to you fuckers soon (I can only accept 75-100 hrs per mo. If you’re late, I will refund payment and place you on waiting list).


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    Low risk spot to add silver with stop under yesterday’s 11:30 low.

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    MO goes in for the sin

    This is a winner.


    Chuck Bennett

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  5. juice

    If I wasn’t so old, I’d do the capstone thingy … probably I should do it anyways .. we see for the future .. great that Macke is participating and very cool of him

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