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Markets in Turmoil and Crashing, So I Bought $SONO

“The Fly” doesn’t give a shit about Turkish Lira contagion or lower equity markets. For the most part, I speak to you an unscathed man — a hardened soldier who has figured out a way to avoid hand grenades by hiding, mind you, inside of mines filled with dynamite sticks.

Literally nothing can happen to me. I am safe in HUBS, YEXT, ZEN, TEAM, NTNX, NEWR, SPOT and more.

Being that the world is upset over Turkey, I felt it was my duty to buy back SONO; because it’s times like this that people need to unwind and enjoy some music. If you’re in Turkey and watching your life savings dwindle down the Lira drain, head out to your local Best Buy and buy a few Sonos speakers. I promise you’ll be able to redeem a fair price for them when you need to sell them for food. People always like Sonos speakers. Whoever does not like them — please step forward.

The moral of this story is ageless, as it is wise: “The Fly” wins all the time and often. Come join us inside Exodus (only email required for trial) and witness the grandeur first hand.

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  1. joyous__ending

    Low VIX buyers win again!

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  2. heaterman

    Erdoganian is a putz.
    He belongs in the desert.
    In a tent made from camel hides.
    With a harem of goats.

    Trump will force him to eat US bacon and pork or collapse his country. LOL
    That is all..

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