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The daily 200 EMA of BSV has moved $10 in six months, from 180 to 190. This is a difficult environment for short term trades. Due to this, the BSV price has been pretty boring to watch but the progress on development continues rolling forward. From a technicals standpoint, BSV is flirting with support at 160. Seems a visit sub 140 is back in the cards even if temporary. Potentially a bigger dip if broader markets continue downward.

The biggest BSV focused conference in NY gets underway Sept 30. I was planning to attend but it’s now moved to being mostly virtual. Big announcements expected.

Eventually the market will catch up and be pricing BSV for its forward potential.

On the comic relief side, here is a 3 day chart of Yearn. Yearn is a DeFi project that went from $3,000 to just under $40,000 in a month. When DeFi crashes I think it will affect the entire market, including BSV.

In other news, I’m visiting Southern California (San Diego). Future plans are to return to Puerto Rico and travel in the future. My passport is expiring soon so I am entering the queue for renewal. State Dept is quoting turnaround times in months. This may not matter if borders remain closed for rest of the year.

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