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Financials, Airlines, & Casinos

Tonight’s momentum scan is loaded down with setups once again with the financials finally starting to emerge. The Airlines and the Casinos are also worth watching judging at first glance from tonight’s scan.

If financials are strong tomorrow, $FAS may do the trick. $GS, ALLY, and a few other regional financials are worth watching from tonight’s SCAN. The financials all look the same, ready to break higher:


Other tickers to watch from tonight’s scan include:  $ABT $IBM $LCA $WYNN $BOXL $ALK & $RL. And, my favorite, with a thin profile above, $EVRI:


It should be another fun day inside The Exodus chat, see you guys at the open….

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Stocks To Watch This Week

TWTR – Over $41 and you have to be on guard for a significant breakout this week:


BA keeps coiling tighter and tighter. On strength, I like it with a tight stop under the recent $171.35 low:


BYND – The weekly chart is setting up nicely here. Look for a move above 138.50 to get this one in motion:


SPCE – This one caught some early volume scans but faded intraday. Monday’s high was 18.26, above that and I’ll be looking for a trade:


And, since it’s Monday, I’ve included the Exodus momentum scan. For a full look a today’s results: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

Let’s make it a good week.

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Used Auto Market Is Hot; $PRTS Takes The #1 Spot This Week. Here Are Your Top Ranked Stocks…

Here’s your weekly look at the top 100 ranked stocks inside our trading software, Exodus. The following screen searches for stocks that have a high combined technical & financial score, aka The Hybrid Score. I did not add in any volume filters this week so this is a pure list of the top 100 stocks in the market.

The following results are sorted by market cap, NOT the actual ranking. To view the actual ranking, the official screen for members can be found & saved HERE. Non-members have no fear, the top 100 names can be found HERE FOR CHARTS

Charts on my watchlist for next week include:


Here’s a look at the top 25 at the close on Friday:

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$TWTR Breaks $40; Here Is Your Momentum Scan

The Futures are squeezing higher and the momentum screen is loaded once again. The bull market is so strong, $TWTR was able to trade over FORTY dollars today. This is a huge accomplishment for TWTR the stock. The question now becomes can it hold above $40?

Other than $TWTR, there were 200+ names on today’s momentum screen. For those interested in today’s full momentum scan: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

Charts of interest this week include:


Tons of setups, it should be a fun day tomorrow.

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Charts & Exodus Screens Back Running. S&P 500 Back To All Time Highs. Here Is Your Momentum Scan…

My charts are streaming again, and my Exodus data feed is back up, Indeed, it has been a rough start to the week thanks to ThinkorSwim, my broker, and the idiots who supply our data for Exodus.

As I get my systems fired up, let’s take a look at what is working from our momentum scan. Ive imported today’s screen at the close for your viewing pleasure: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

Charts to watch this week include:


S&P 500 Fresh New High Today, 3395. Let’s see if the bulls have what it takes to push us through 3400. Amazing.

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$GE $F Old Man Stocks Catching Momentum

Once again $GE & $F are back on the momentum screen as we start off a new week. Just about everything made the momentum screen from cruise lines, to airlines, to REITs, indeed the bear were blow out again.

Here’s a look at all 200+ tickers: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

Tickers of interest this week include: BA, MRO, MFA, CLF, BP, PE, SLB, DVN, SPR, CSPR, VFF, & DIG


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