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Apple Closes The Month Of July Like A Man; Here Are Your Leaders Heading Into Fall

It was another great week for the market as $AAPL finished off the month of July in stellar fashion. As of right now Apple trades with a market cap nearing 2 trillion and ranked #22 in our Exodus Algorithm. Goldman says this move in AAPL is unsustainable, but for now the momentum is in its favor, ranking in the top 25 to end the week.

With the week and month ending, here is a look at the current top 100 names: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS.

Remember, this list is ever-changing and the ranking is calculated by the combined financial and technical score, we call this the hybrid score.

Tickers I’ll be watching into next week from this week’s screen include: FB, QCOM, MRVL, GSX, TTD, CRUS, UCTT, SFUN, & FLDM 

Have a good weekend all.

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Cryptocurrency is on fire once again with Bitcoin going vertical this evening, trading right through 11,000. I forget how fast these coins can move, which gets me excited for the true Euphoria phase. I still think we have years until that happens, and I do think a nasty correction is not too far in the distant future. But, for now it’s ALT season.

This move in Gold however, I think sticks, and sticks hard. I think Gold will trade in its own bull market for years to come. This is a pretty significant breakout in the shiny metal and with more stimulus on the way one can’t help but to think inflation. Look to buy meaningful dips in gold.


As for stocks, the momentum screen is loaded with great looking charts. Everything is looking bullish again, even $AAPL, after the drubbing it caught late last week, looks ready to go. Here’s a look at today’s momentum scan: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

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Gold On Top, Ethereum Is Leading, Americans Across The Globe Dine-out During Covid-19 Pandemic

Another week has passed and gold is still leading, now firmly over $1900 as I type. Ethereum, ETH, also had a strong weekend giving life to the Cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin, $BTC, even traded above 10,000 for a hot minute, and now fighting for that 10K mark. And, apparently everyone is back eating out despite Covid cases picking back up.

In this week’s edition of the top 100 ranked names, we see Gold & Restaurants litter the weekend scan with some oil & biotech lottos mixed in. Have a look below:

Top Ranked Gold Names:


Restaurants/Food Stocks made it to the Top 100 this week:


And, some Energy stocks to watch from the top 100:


Speculation from the top ranked screen this week:

The full top 100 list this week can be found HERE. Members be sure to bookmark the rankings HERE. I’ll be watching that $FTFT with crypto back on the move. Let’s see if we can find a few good runners this week.

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Covid-19 Hitting All-Time Highs; Here Are Your Leaders

Here is your weekly look at the top 100 ranked names inside our software Exodus. I love looking at this ranking to get a sense for what is moving. Lately, I love checking out the cheap names to see if they run the following week. Last week was $BHAT, which has the popular education angle. This week’s we have FLDM & CTXR as potential candidates for next week. There are some large caps that look ready to move, one being $INTC, which is a bullish omen if we see a further move higher:


Here are some other charts to watch into next week, with a heavy theme on Gold:

For a full look at this week’s top 100 names: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS. Members can bookmark the screen HERE.

Have a good weekend all!

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Laggards Find Momentum

$DIG, the ultra ETF for Oil & Gas, landed on today’s momentum screen. $SLB & $HAL, within the oil service space, also find their way to the Exodus momentum scan. $SLB I love with long term money, and actually own some in my IRA. Oil seems to be holding $40, and the industry desperately needs some relief. Let’s see if the group can move this week: $BP, $CVX, $APA, $PE, $HES, $PBR– all made today’s screen.

Other names that surprisingly made todays momentum scan are $GE & $F. Ford we know why– The BRONCO (I will own one at some point in my life no doubt about it). And $GE, a laggard, is finally cheap enough for investors to make some bets on it. Just when you think the market can’t go any higher, stocks like GM & F turn on the momentum.

And, what’s a momentum scan without solar? $FSLR has a strong showing, as did the industry. The Pelican room caught a nice trade in $SPWR today and the group closed strong. For a full look at Tuesday’s scan: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

Note: $MRNA is up big on Vaccine news and the market loves it. The party continues on…

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Banks Make It To The Weekend Top 100

The futures are jumpy this evening as traders pick up where they left off on Friday. The banks finally saw some buyers late in the week, which was enough to push names like $BAC & $JPM to the top 100:


Gold continues to teeter with the 1800 level breakout and the miners continue to find their way on the top 100 list. Here are the top names there last week:


Google and NFLX continue to dominate, both leading again and hitting fresh new highs:


And, the education names are starting to filter up to the top 100. Something to keep an eye on this week:

For a look at this week’s full top 100 screen: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

Let’s make it a great week!

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