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Just Back From Dunkin’

I’ll have you know, “The Fly” is embarrassed to be seen inside, or around the perimeter, of Dunk’ Donuts coffee shoppes [sic]. Don’t get me wrong, the coffee is acceptable. However, it is not gourmet. The main detriment to Dunkin’ is the amount of blue collar workers who visit, for a quick “Joe and some donuts.”

I just got back from Dunkin’ (I went in a disguise) and there were two sanitation workers and one construction worker on line, waiting for “some fucking cups of coffee, over here.” As you know, I despise construction workers and their stupid fucking hammers.

Before I die, I will be sure to take a commercial construction job, just so that I could knock the whole fucking building down.

My point: sanitation workers are assholes. Growing up, I knew a kid (Timmy), who’s Dad was a sanitation worker. Let me tell you, poor Timmy’s house was filled with garbage that his Dad thought “was brand fucking new, over here.” His television was straight out of the trash. Trying to watch it was impossible—since it operated on rabbit antenna’s and only received 3 channels.

Quite egregious, if you ask me.

I noticed someone mentioned “The Trump Top,” in oil. I can go for that. That man vexes me, with his bankrupt ways.

As I write, the market is going through a rotation, out of energy and into tech, yet again. The semis appear to be a major beneficiary of this new/dumb money.

For a trade, go ahead, get drunk and play a few—with your life insurance money. However, just know, the only reason why the semis are running is because they “appear” to be cheap.

They are not. They blow.

[[MVIS]] is on fire. Lots of rumors running rampant about the company releasing the names of some of their partners. I am not falling for that line of crap, anymore. However, I will tell you, lots of “The Fly’s” friends are buying busloads of the stock.

Finally, beware of the China top. All of the Chinese lotto tickets are mauling the bears here. This cannot and will not last for too much longer.

NOTE: On the back of great earnings from [[TIF]], I like [[SKS]] here.

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Get Me Out of This World

You cannot stop this “non-inflationary” bull run. It’s on some sort of new version of crack, where all of the addicts dump their life savings into stocks that never go down, like [[X]].

Later on this afternoon, “The Fly” will being knocking the dentures out of old men. As you know, the majority of old men are bearshitters, always mad at the world and trying to fuck up parties and shit. I’m sick of these bearshitters and their lack of gumption.

On the bright side, oil is gapping higher today, as people of America embrace the notion that $400 oil is possible—and entirely welcome. With my money, I own [[NOV]], [[RIG]], [[IOC]], [[OMNI]] and [[CLNE]].

In addition, gold is on fire, thanks to the “shittyness” of the U.S. dollar. Quite honestly, with the utmost frankness, I’ve been dumping dollars for euros, before it was popular.

Fucking Chinese stocks are going “caveman crazy,” as people somehow think 20,000 dead is a good catalyst to get long stocks. Right now, [[KUN]], [[RCH]], [[CHDX]], [[VISN]], [[VIT]] and [[FUQI]] are leading the God forsaken way.

Just give me the fucking keys to Zion already. I feel like that agent from the Matrix, who was repulsed by the existence of humans, trying to kill all of the smelly humans.

The stench of this market is so great and so intoxicating, I have resumed throwing calculators (I bought a box) at my trader/servant—until it goes down.

Right now, my top pick is [[SKF]], with [[FXP]] running a close second.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TboJUxTIaC4&feature=related 450 300]

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Time Machine Special, Part II

[[FXP]] will sprint higher tomorrow, mind you. I said “sprint.”

You’re welcome.

UPDATE: For Met fans:



UPDATE II: The prisoner “Boomer” has been released.

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This Market Blows

I have little time to discuss the intricacies of the market. Just know this: the market is extraordinarily over valued and is ready to be pushed off a steep cliff.

Stocks cannot continue to go up every day, in spastic retarded fashion. It’s fucktarded to believe that [[X]] deserves to be at $170.

You’ve been warned.

MVIS UPDATE: Someone sent me a “research report” on [[MVIS]]. Let me tell you, it is the most egregious piece of work I have ever seen.

Click here for MVIS pump.

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Fly Buy: CLNE, FXP

I bought 3,000 [[CLNE]] @ $15.10 and 1,000 [[FXP]] @ $63.74

UPDATE: I bought 2,000 CLNE @ $15.05.

Disclaimer: If you buy CLNE because of this post, an egregious clown will kick you down a flight of stairs. And, you may lose money.

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