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Eighty Percent Cash into the Close; “The Fly’s” Trading Streak Extends to 32 of 33

It would be ironic if my streak ended lazily with a gap lower in CGC, wouldn’t it? Dare I say, my streak would go up in smoke?

Fact of the matter is, there was nothing redeeming about the session. We had lowlights in biotechs and a few other meaningless sectors; but for the most part — it was a down day.

My Quant account traded lower by ~0.4% and my active account was, in fact, higher for the day — mainly because I cannot lose. I sold both FIVN and QTWO today for profit, both up on a rather moribund day.

New additions included CGC and UMRX. I was tempted to do others, but held back because buying stocks here might lead to losses. I do not lose; therefore, I do not buy stocks into bad tapes.


PS +20%
SOGO +16%
MDB +12%
PVTL +13.5%
QD -3%
SSTI +7%
HUBS +10%
IQ +32%
BITA +4%
SMAR +26% (doubled up)
ZUO +21%
BILI +12% (doubled up)
HUYA +19%
OSTK +2.7%
BILI +20.5%
CBLK +16%
EVBG +7.2%
APPN +9%
ZEN +6%
CLPS +104%
BL +2%
PS +4%
SMAR +4.8%
APPF +0.15%
FIZZ +16%
SHAK +12%
YEXT +12%
AMBO +37%
NEW +23%
FIVN +2.9%
QTWO +1.9%

Good day.

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    How many in a row?

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    • ironbird

      More than lucky GI Joe. Five dollars and a shitty cigar could get a shortstop to miss back then. But he did bang Marilyn Monroe. They say.

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