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Tom Wolfe is dead — but he was 87, so in a way he earned a death. Speaking of death, the lot of you gold bugs are right now sitting in my cremator and I am about to turn the oven on, converting you into DUST. Speaking of DUST, I am long the ETF and am quite pleased with the smart pin action today. Speaking of smart pin action, I have an IQ of 155 and I’ve always found that I was a better pseudo intellectual than 99% of the people I know. Speaking of IQ, I am long that stock too and believe it too is going to rampage higher — flattening and muddling its shorts into paste.

But don’t take my word for it, go look at the chart.

There are two enemies of mine reading this blog today, one is a gigantic faggot and only said he bought SOXS, but he didn’t because, well, he’s a gigantic faggot. The second bought SOXS and is now enjoying gains at my expense. He tried to coddle me with small talk, like an imp, because he probably feels guilty for being a monster. But, just know, “The Fly” never forgives and never forgets and also exacts revenge.

Life is somewhat good, although it’s a bit hot today. My garden work is all but done and the boxwoods are happy for it, for now they can grow in peace without being hacked away by a delusional genius.

As oil spins higher, my darkened heart glows from the idea of $5 gasoline in California. Driving is a privilege, not a right, and under republican administrations oil prices are high. While under democratic administrations, welfare is prevalent and oil is cheap. You voted for higher oil prices, so stop complaining — maybe eat a little less in order to better afford driving around this summer?

This drop in stocks has to be temporary, it always is. In the meantime, pray and hope for lower stocks in order to see Exodus in action again. It will call the oversold level to the exact day and you will, once again, say it was all a coincidence and point to some bastard technical indicator that does the same — but you and I both know you’ll be lying, as always. Insecurities are always wrapped in them, while the truth is a hard and undiscoverable tonic in these parts, so rare that most think it’s just another elaborate lie.

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  1. mrcharlie

    I hear what you are saying you delusional genius hahaaa this guy knows is stuff. Like he says, at our age we wanna prehabilitate instead of have to rehabilitate!


    Bought some ESIO after reading Value Line and some more about it

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