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EMERGENCY ALERT: Last Day for Exodus Trials — Valentine’s Day Massacre Fast Approaches

We’re positioned splendidly amongst a cadre of longs and shorts — swimmingly making money with ease — most eagerly awaiting another leg up or down. Just today, I EXECUTED a 25% win in KBSF and took a new position in SSC — for the purposes of profit.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and you’re all very retarded and un-romantic. Therefore, it makes sense for you to spend your time inside the hallowed halls of Exodus — bearing witness to what we hope will be a most grave and frightening massacre. In the event none of that unfolds, we’ll simply find another way to make money.

Futures are marginally higher this evening and I am feeling ok. My days are long and I don’t get much rest and I am aging fast — speeding downhill on the ass-end of life — but with purpose and all with good intentions. Do not hasten your views on Le Fly without first understanding his goals to create a great legacy, one that will be remembered for a thousand years henceforth — all to do with his orbital space cannon (OSC) taking out whole cities and cleaning the earth of its refuse — producing a ‘clean canvas’ from which new life could be formed and a greater future molded.

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    Closed /TN short at 128’27.

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