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Join the Club Gentlemen, The Lending Club

There have been rumors of rumors of rumors that LC was just going to toss itself onto the blockchain, a move that would surely ignite the shares and get the blood boiling again.

Alas, I went over my books and made careful considerations and concluded that I simply could not afford to miss out on this sort of announcement.

Henceforth, I am in the LC — the Lending Club — and have a KEEN interest in making loans to homeless people in burlap’d garb.

The stock is trading under $4.3. I am looking for $43 by next Sunday.

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  1. indie

    da fuuuuuuuck!
    10 baggar motherfucker.
    i’m in!!

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  2. mstowe6

    Love the look of the LC chart. Fly, you think this soars over $10 on blockchain news?

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