Sunday, December 11, 2016
18 years in Wall Street, left after finding out it was all horseshit. Founder/ Master and Commander: iBankCoin, finance news and commentary from the future.
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  1. MoonshineDelight

    Just great, it’s going to be like caddy day at Bushwood.

  2. Gates

    Why the fuck would I want to follow you? you violated your own trading rules and took it up the ass! I know about ego – and stupidity – I have held a SDS position for YEARS! knowing all about decay in these fucking levered ETF’S…

    • The Fly

      Who told you to follow me you stupid shit?


      Follow Chess, Rc or OA. PPT is an investment tool. Maybe an asshole, like yourself, can find it useful too.

    • The Fly

      I’d love to see you say that to my face. I’d break every single bone in your head.

      • Gates

        Be glad to give you my physical address – pm me.

      • Powers

        Good for you Fly, I have been waiting for that response. People talk to me the way they talk to you (here), out comes the pliars and the blow torch. No one has the balls to say these things in civilized society.

        • Frog

          Of course they don’t. This is the Internets. That’s one reason people go here. No civility at all required.

  3. Gates

    THAT! is the FLY that that I EXPECT to see! welcome back sir!:-) been reading you for years – stop whining, tear the fucking jugular and WIN!

  4. The Fly

    You motherfuckers,

    I’ve been doing a public service here since 2006, made money every single year. I get fucked up here in 2014 and the lot of you, the fucking lot of you, go apeshit and throw me into the sewers. Fuck you ingrates. I am going to skin alive each and every single one of you, once I am back on top.

    • snoozemr

      it’s only mid April Fly. Confident you will be, in the least, back to even well before the end of the year. Probably well higher. Half my trading is intraday, so my year has not been bad – but my good years are not as good as yours. But I am up under 6% thanks to poor choices in staying with ERGX and PCTY too long. I do have a ton of powder though, and actually feel good about the coming months. Not sure I’ll match last year though; that was a beauty – although large portion of gains came November and December so we will see.

    • Jacked Rabbit

      Swearing? Threats of physical torture?

      The Fly Bottom has been put in ladies and gents. It’s all up from here pretty much.

    • alf44

      … for the record, not everyone is “apeshit” and eager to “throw you into the sewers” …

      Can’t really understand why anyone can derive so much pleasure and enjoyment from someone else’s setbacks … and then … be so crass and derogatory as to publicly ridicule them in a forum that they are being allowed to post in … by the very person that they are ridiculing !

      Pretty sad commentary on the state of mind of some human beings !

    • John

      Chill out Fly. The vast majority appreciate what you do. Some state it and some (the mostly silent lot like myself) don’t, but believe it. Your insight is immeasurable and one cannot expect things to go according to plan all the time. There are few that have had your success (and the fact that you share it with others is an added bonus). I cannot begin to thank you for the financial help and the personal entertainment you have provided over the years. The prodders are enjoying their day in the sun, as they have been on the losing end for years on end.

  5. Gates

    sigh… not based on the mealy mouthed, bullshit, pussy shit you have posted over the last week – you are either a KILLER or you are prey. So you are down 30% in a week so fucking what? market is Fed driven – the bitch in charge CANNOT let it crash – why the angst.

    • The Fly

      I was conveying how I felt at the time. It’s not a good feeling to get punched in the fucking nuts over and over again. Sure, I can put on the bravado act and make believe it isn’t happening, but that would be fake.

      I’m a real guy, with some BIG ASS LOSSES and I’ve never been in this position before.

    • ironbird

      Grandma is not a “bitch”. That is straight up blaspheme. Where did you grow up? Chicago?

  6. Gates

    I’m a real guy too, it freaks me the fuck out when YOU are freaked out – I watch the same shit you do.

    • Frog

      Fly is not like your Wall Street pundit type person, pretending to never have losses, pretending to never be freaked out by the markets.

      Everyone is freaked out by the market at times. Everyone loses a bunch of money sometimes. The people who act like they don’t are not the gods they pretend to be. They are just fakes.

      People want to follow roles models and become like those supposedly perfect market gurus. But you can’t. Because no one is really like that.

      It’s like the women who want to look like the models in the magazines. The models in the magazines don’t look like the models in the magazines either. The photos are touched up and changed to make them into a fake ideal of perfection.

      That’s the problem with all the stock guru advertising and punditry. People try to sell you things that don’t exist. You end up chasing windmills.

  7. Gates

    IB – FUCK YOU! she is a bitch, and she has NO clue what she is doing, the market tells me so…

  8. Gates

    Problem is – she’s fucked, the dumb ass took a job where there is no “win” in her future.

  9. Gates

    IB – ok, who are the “game makers” the heads of GS or JPM – I know who those douce bags are and where they live – not interested.

    • ironbird

      The people that robbed you. Wake up. The little old ladies are there so you beat your kids instead. How about that bitch that would not fix a fucking key hole? Welcome to the new new normal.

  10. ironbird

    Ibankcoin is the only honest investing site I know. Only the biggest of scumbags would not appreciate the free education the Fly has given over the years. Setbacks are part of the game. That is my opinion and fuck you if you disagree.

  11. Hideous fibs

    Everybody gets a turn, next Chief in charge will be a first nation soul healer, then a twelve year old dodge ball champ followed by some foreigner who cannot speak english….likely a Canadian or some shit

    • muktuckchuck

      ‘FIRST NATION” gave away your Canuckistani heritage. This northern burg is screwed because we won’t deal with the “First Nation” BS. The politician who comes along and says OK we’ve thrown billions of dollars at the aboriginal issues in Canuckistan and enough is enough. Unlike the USA, we did not declare war on the aboriginals, we cut a real estate deal which has been broken by the aboriginal signatores numerous times. Today I read that some 200 member BC band thinks they can say NO to the Northern Gateway pipeline — aboriginal extortion at it’s finest. Give me a politician who will say “we’re building it, you aboriginals will be more than adequately compensated for it; but take your pseudo cultural objections and take a hike”. Oh, BTW the guy who runs one of my manufacturing operations is a red card carrying indian and he completely agrees with me.

      • frog

        Interesting to know about. In the U.S. we are pretty much oblivious to what’s going on in other countries, including Canada.

      • Longrun

        Northern Gateway is our only hope. BUILD IT OVER SACRED BURIAL SITES. Start today

  12. Hideous fibs

    Is there a chat board in the PPT?

  13. juice

    “There have only been two other times in the past 20 years that the Nasdaq Composite had dropped more than 8% from its 52 week high, but the VIX “fear gauge” was still below 17.5, a scenario we have now. It shows relative complacency in the face of a sell-off in higher beta stocks.

    Those two occurrences were March 28, 2002 and May 15, 2008. The S&P 500 sold off more than 15% over the next three months both times. “

  14. xxxHuggieBearxxx D.P.M
    xxxHuggieBearxxx D.P.M

    Fly I hope you sell next week….we need you to live to fight another day.

    It really seems the odds of these particular stocks returning to their former glory is quite low. And holding through earnings is a crapshoot of mega-proportions. Being down 35% or whatever is a deep hole, but recoverable over time.

    Being down 60% is probably not.

    • Cygod


      There is no reason for Fly to sell. He has violated Trading101 in the past and won big.

      Chances are, his stocks will rebound and he will cock a snoot at all of us who are feeling sorry for him now.

      But more importantly, he is managing OPM! He will still get the 2 (in the 2 &20), and in any case, with less dosh under management next year, who can bet against him ripping it, playing penny stocks?

    • Bart Smith

      You are one dumb MFer!

  15. Powers

    I own a boxing mma gym. No money to be made. Fighters have no money, that is why they are fighters. We can all get together and sort this out. It will be fun…..I promise!

    Marquess of Queensberry rules

  16. Bubbles

    Come on boys don’t fight. Now’s the time to get our shit together and come up with a plan
    Sadly, the fuckery will continue unabated.

  17. Frog

    Yes, Bubbles, I agree. Fighting is pointless.

    There’s a research study of rats in a little lab cage. The researchers put 2 of them in there. The floor is electrified and the researchers shock them. What do the rats do? They fight each other.

    Let’s not do that. The market has given us a severe shock. But insulting one another won’t help.

  18. ripper

    FLY in the investment world you are only good as your last trade. so nobody gives a shit about what you did in 06, 08 or 2011.

  19. kea

    Lots of hate towards FLY these days. This will pass. Haters gonna hate.

  20. juice

    While the sledding is rough & the going tough, let’s pile on the negativity, shall we?

    Bill Fleckenstein: “There is not much to add regarding the action, except to say that I expect that the decline that is underway will most likely continue (and might accelerate at some point) until such time as the Fed decides to stop tapering.”

  21. VP

    Thanks for all the blogs..You definitely are one of the most funniest and honest guys out here..good luck!! 🙂

  22. Woj

    Seriously, there are many fucked up people on here. The fact that a bunch of you hate on someone and talk shit when they are going through a rough patch speaks a lot about you. Get some help my friends. Fly, hang in there. I have been following you for a handful of years and have seen you trade out of some crazy shit. The same will happen this time.

    • frog

      Fly opened the gates to all mentally ill people. Anyone on the Internets can get on here now. You are right. These people should get some help at their local mental health center, or 12 step group. There are Gamblers Anonymous chapters for people who gamble uncontrollably– whether at the casino or in the stock market.

  23. ripper


  24. Cascadian

    The Bearshitters have been wrong for 5 years, but they are happy as hell today. Nice rub-it-in-your-face attitude.

  25. TraderRenn

    Fly, didn’t you or Woodshed do a study on post frequency and market bounces back in 2008? seems we’re getting frothy again.

  26. marketdavinci

    These fools masquerading like professionals. I’d destroy any of the site owners here. I’ll challenge any of yall. I want to take your subscribers. My service is superior anyways. You guys are losing your subscribers money because you don’t know how to adapt to the market environment, and you only rely on 1 tool; technicals analysis. Yall are a bunch of noobs. One of your past subscribers switched to my service, and damn was he happy. He made back the 2 month losses he had here with my service in 2 days. Anyways any of you knuckleheads want to challenge me? Stock picking, market index picking..It doesn’t matter to me. I want your subscribers, and I want to own all of you.

  27. gorby

    I had no idea how many asholes there.
    When people lose money the goofs all
    wanna punch someone out.This a free
    service and if you don’t like the
    commentary please fuck off

  28. alan

    only been trading a year and am just a no nothing newb but have enjoyed your blog immensely…throwing some good karma your way …best of luck fly..

  29. helicopter ben

    Sorry ahead of time for commenting on the post instead of berating the fly, is this free trial 3 days from the sign up or will all free privileges be revoked Monday?

  30. Trading_Nymph

    Fly Please Bring back Banning asap..

  31. Scott Pollack

    The only trail of blood they’ll know you by is the one dripping from your asshole. Go FUCK yourself.

  32. marketdavinci

    I’ll even throw in money on this challenge if any of the site owners accept it. I want your subscribers to see how superior I am, and I want them to switch services like one of your older members who lost money on here did. Tired of people paying phony wannabe traders to lose money.

  33. yetanothermarketdavinci

    Wow, on this open board, anyone can sign in with any name here, even one that’s already been used. How confusing.

  34. Mr.Partridge

    I am sorry boss, but I believe you should ask Jeremy to clean the comment section, this is getting a bit out of hand, I don’t see how it would improve on it’s own.
    In times like this you don’t want to waist your energy to fight with morons.

  35. xxxHuggieBearxxx D.P.M
    xxxHuggieBearxxx D.P.M

    Futures will open down huge tomorrow night. Black monday on the horizon. I’m even worried about my wonderfully serene EWZ position.

    Russia set to invade eastern Ukraine. You can bank on that.

  36. Pico deGallo

    Fly offers up free trial services for the week and the 1st comments out of the gate are how horrible this place is and how screwed the last 2 weeks have been regarding picks. Such a narrow little view of the world.

    Oh and.. yeah this time.. no this time it’s different. NO really. Seriously. This summer will suck so bad! Yeah. Down big, everybody suddenly sees reality and we crash down to 6000.

    Gimmie a damn break. Go sell. Go short. Freak out. Obama and crew are not going out with a whimper. You’ll get your 18,000 in 2 years and all your shorts need to bookmark this post when you come crying and whining how manipulated and shitty the market is.

    Before you say it.. F U

    • jules

      +1 I’m so sick of hearing all this market crash, the market is inflated, end the fed, the top is here nonsense that I actually want to see the market crash now. Not a 2008 pussy fart, a real motherfucking crash. I hope everyone loses their fucking jobs and people are murdering one another on the streets over half a bagel. If that’s what these people want than let’s do this shit for real. I hope zero hedge’s headquarters get raided by investors who lost everything and they hang Tyler Durden upside down in the middle of the city square, Mussolini style, while the poor children beat him like a fucking pinata. I hope people get so poor that CNBC’s ‘top trading experts’ have their children kidnapped at gun point for ransom money. I hope people beat Peter Schiff (sp) to death with gold bars and DDD shareholders capture Jon Fitchorn (sp) and torture him with ice picks. I’m sick of these ‘holier than thou’ ‘value investors’ who know every fucking thing about the stock market and wont buy a single share until stocks are trading at 1X earnings. Fuck you people. If you’re holding cash, I hope it fucking burns, along with your family as the now poor ‘growth investors’ burn your fucking house down. Are you fucking pussies that greedy and selfish that you need the entire system to collapse until you decide to buy 10 shares of AAPL? I hope you wake up and your account has gone to zero because it got fucking hacked by Sergei and Pavel in Russia. Let’s crash this mother fucker.

      • ironbird

        Nice take on the shitters but the premise is flawed. Apple stock is not the savior of humanity. What if they actually hired Americans to build the product? The game is what it is. But the only reason we all stop from raping each other at will? Doubtful.

      • mman

        LOL jules like fly you are long splk, feye, wday,yelp and also hold position in goog, pcln, icpt, celg.

        AND AND AND

        you got all of these at all time high’s LOL !!

  37. The Fly

    Most of you people will be dead, by my own hand, within the year.

  38. ironbird

    The VXX may be the silver bullet needed. To kill that fucking polar bear. As retarded as that sounds. It may be.

  39. Dave


    Without fed policy, hft, ppt, etc…. What is your fair value estimate of the Dow, Nasdaq, and S&P .

  40. goose20

    Dave- 2020 ending for S&P 2014…good to have some dry powder bc this is a buying opportunity for lots of quality stocks. Fly you should go back to your bans and not allow or answer fools.

  41. James Caravel

    Perhaps we should all move to Romania….

  42. Bernard Cornfeld
    Bernard Cornfeld

    I cannot believe you opened up the IBC sites to THIS rabble? FML

  43. Gravestonedoji

    The rabble will be deballed in spectacular fashion and we will all be here to celebrate their newfound eunuch status in Top Hat and waistcoat.

    Patiently waiting to buy some real blood.

  44. jose mann

    you are all reatards, Sir Fly is the only wise man here …

  45. jose mann

    typo, retards, not reatards …

  46. jose mann

    Sir Fly, what would happen to your accounts if the market really crash in April ???

  47. jose mann

    doji dude, but I caught my own mistake before you do, hee hee hee

  48. jose mann

    I need a good laugh after I get violated repeatedly by NASDAQ …

  49. Required

    This will turn out great.

  50. Required

    Why should I pay for advice when HITLER has offered better advice via youtube for free?

  51. The Fly

    I hate you.

  52. Required

    Story time.

    I have read this blog since the financial crisis in 2008. Almost 6 years ago, goddamn. I did some some prop trading in NYC, another job in NYC, and now MBA, but I have never been able to pull myself away from the markets. This blog has kept me sane through the ups and downs of the market and made me realize the people who do this for a living are just as crazy as they should be. I am probably done. I have realized that the thrill of winning does not outweigh the despair of losing, especially as you get older. I am glad I can realize this after a relatively bad period in the market.

    Playing the market only breeds the rawest emotions in your mind and doesn’t allow you to become the fullest person you can.

    I am sick of worrying. I am sick of the feeling of superiority. It’s a game that will always be played by people who will end up losing. The wealthiest money managers aren’t happy in the real sense of the word.

    Off to Synergy, Corporate Finance, Leverage, Face-Time, Out-Of-The-Box™ thinking for me.

    That’s where happiness is…. good luck everyone.

    • ironbird

      You people need to chill the fuck out. Required thinks the game is the work of Satan. Jules thinks the game is the work of God. It is neither. It is a fucking game. Old Mr Toad look a likes print money and we play with it. This is not complicated.

  53. Required

    Essential Addendum:

    I have made a lot of money ‘following’ the fly’s idea’s. FTK netted me enough to pay for this stupid MBA. BALT netted me enough to pay for the stupid expenses during it. And FEYE and SPLK have made me nervous enough to make sure I get a good job after

    Ten Thousand Thank You’s.

  54. JPE

    Bad time to offer a free PPT preview from a marketing perspective Fly. Offer those when things are going well.

    Hang in there Sir. I admire your honesty. We all hit bad patches. Just don’t let your past success blow yourself up. Jesse Livermore was the best trader ever but we know how that ended.

    • The Fly


      I am not marketing here pal. I am letting people use everything we do here for free for the weekend. No strings attached.

    • Sloop

      I never understood why Livermore shot himself. It was later discovered that he had a few million stashed around his house. However in the last picture he took at the Stork Club he looked SPENT!!

      • GaryKaultbaumsLeftNostrilAndBadMarketcalls

        It’s called depression dummy. There is a thing called the internet.

  55. Big Falu$$

    whats funny is that you “blame” all these escaped inmates for shit talking…you’ve blown up every single year, usually you are more adept at covering your incompetence and feverishly ban anyone who speaks out.

    it’s only because this year you got caught so obviously flat footed you parade in your losses as a token of “humility”.

    Show us the subscriber list over the years, it’s blow up after blow up.

    • The Fly

      Bull shit

      You buttfuckers are losers who like to troll around and throw shit at me because of your insecurities. I’ve murdered this market every single year since 2005.
      End of fucking story you catamite

      • gemineye2u

        I actually forgot all about the markets being down with all this entertainment. Catamite: the passive or receiving partner in anal intercourse! Fucking Brilliant I love it AKA as the “catcher”

    • The Fly

      Big Falu$$

      Why don’t you blow me you little trollop. What sort of man goes out of his way to talk shit on a website. You’re not a man , but a little boy scared behind the keyboard.

  56. Noni Kavuri

    Does tonight’s Ukranian news have an effect on anything, and why don’t most of you trolls be forward thinking and instead of dwelling on the past.

  57. The Fly

    And as far as me secretly concealing losses, that would be impossible to do since each and every trade is broacasted and time stamped inside ppt and the site.

    So fuck off

    • Noni Kavuri

      Fly, what is your thesis for next week? I bought Yelp because I love the stock’s fundamentals, i live in Chicago, and I think it’s a better stock than Grub Hub, which gets talked up around here. Are you a Peter Lynch and stick with the stocks you believe in?

  58. jose mann

    with the losses of the last couple of weeks, I cannot fucking sleep, I cannot fucking eat, I am a fucking mess … fuck this shit …

  59. Gravestonedoji

    This thread is like the first day of Festivus…the airing of grievances. I cannot wait for the feats of strength to begin.

  60. longview

    Fly — I really don’t know why you put up with it. I don’t see how it can be helpful to you.

    I could care less if these trolls are the best traders on the planet — a-holes are a-holes.

    How miserable does a person have to be to feel the need to come on to a site like this and spew the venomous, inarticulate inanities that are displayed here (by some)?

  61. gatorsun

    even my cynical mind has to say thank you to any man that freely opens the doors to his house,especially in troubled times +1

  62. biffer

    Fly.This five year bull has screwed with everybody’s head long or short.As for me amazing success doubling my money twice in 6 months with OA(thanks for bringing him on.what a great teacher he is) set me up for a string of losing trades that has me wondering WTF happened to my account.It’s that boiling frog analogy writ large for me..Fuck the assholes who dirty up the site.We are here to learn to be better traders and laugh.Looking forward to your next LMAO column when humor returns.

    • Sloop

      biffer. there hasn’t been one damn thing that Obama has done that has been good for ANY American. The stock market bull is only a tool used to widen the gap between rich and the average man. It is no gift!! It is yet another arrow in the quiver of Obama to bring this country into the arms of the enemy.

  63. TheRoyalPain

    I know you don’t want to do this Mr. Fly, but a weekend fireside chat podcast would be spectacular.

    I also realize you do not NEED to a podcast, but not only is a good branding tool and informative, a good verbal rant now and again is quite cleansing.

  64. alf44

    Radical Idea for IBC

    Open up the PARKING LOT !!!

    So what is the “Parking Lot” ?

    The Parking Lot is a place (a forum) to take your issues … your disagreements … your vitriol … your mudslingin’ !!!

    The degree of moderation could be determined, defined and governed by the IBC admin. !
    Got a problem ?

    Got a beef ?

    Got something you need to git off your chest ?


  65. Jennifer

    Fly fly fly, giving away a free weekend to these shitty services that will help these plebs lock in losses? C’mon Man U are fuckin grasping for straws right now, my ppt is tellin me that ibc is way over bought and it took a matter of two weeks for ur account to go to zero and lets be honest if u actually had any “clients” u don’t anymore lmaooooooooo….seriously tho ur prob a fat teen in his moms basement paper trading so this really doesn’t matter and that’s why u obviously are not that concerned IMHO

  66. @sloop


    Biffer never mentioned obama. He did mention OA which prolly = options addict.

  67. Jennifer

    Ahhh the imposter Jennifer shows up yet again. I have nothing personally against the Fly. Only when he incessantly pumps his stocks and dumps them before mentioning he did so to his lemmings. See the BALT nonsense.

  68. Dr Fly

    Balt made me insane coin, dumb bitch

  69. Dylan

    See…here’s my concern, if the proprietor of this website can blow up his account to the tune of -40% in a few weeks, then what confidence should anyone have in the trading system on offer??

    • alf44

      … I actually think that is a valid question … asked respectfully … deserving of answer !

    • The Fly

      I can only speak for myself, as Chess and RC did great during this recent pullback.

      The answer is this, which has been repeated numerous times:

      I DONT HAVE A FUCKING SYSTEM, asshole. I do not solicit anyone for my picks. Everything I post here for free. I have created a powerful analytical engine that can help anyone with their investment decisions. It’s software that does an excellent job at mean reversion.

      Did I listen to my own software during this pullback?


      Am I upset with myself over it?

      Fucking A.

  70. jose mann

    Sir Fly, dump that bitch Jennifer …

  71. jose mann

    Bubba Watson just won the Masters …

  72. Dusty_rhodes

    For ours and the flys amusement, let all guess his net worth. Bases on his age (39 is my guess) and broker/trader stories, I say 18,000,000.