Wednesday, December 7, 2016
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Attention VHC Shareholders: Tomorrow is the BIG Day

Since last week, the company has been in mediation with the thieves over at AAPL. Tomorrow it all ends and the good judge will rule. The likely scenario is NO settlement, the judge slaps an injunction on AAPL; in turn, AAPL will file for an appeal. The news of an appeal may accompany a clever update from a Herb on the street, which might juxtapose with the reality on the ground, which is winship, and hit the stock with a bit of fright.

Rest assured, Herb is only interested in parlour tricks when it comes to VHC.

The only chance in red hell for Apple is a reversal of opinion at the patent office, which would temporarily toss VHC shareholders into the proverbial ‘fag box.’

But that’s not likely to happen.

If the stock gets hit on news of an AAPL appeal, simply buy the dips. The company is scheduled to throw CSCO into a lit fireplace in March, which should result in a $500 mill+ judgement. After that, expect VHC to sue others, merrily collecting damages along the way.

But the way this story gets past the courtroom is settlements + licensing agreements. The more they win, the more likely they will accomplish this stated goal, rewarding its shareholders with magnanimous returns.

If you are scared, a little yellow in the belly like Chuckard Bennett, go ahead and hedge your position with puts or sell some. I am prepared to endure some downside, as long as the core story remains the same.

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  1. TaoOfPatrick

    Its my biggest holding.I got a big $42 on my stock board before i sell any.Unless all hell break lose in the TaoOfPatrick household.

  2. Patrick

    Herb is on vacation

  3. ultramarine

    Good luck to you tomorrow, Dr. Fly, and all others on the long side.

  4. mad_scientist

    If it drops I will add, simple as that.

    The short term spikes are for the herbs to obsess over.

  5. Narwahl

    What is the most likely time of day the announcement will be made?

  6. dave

    Look you.

    Apple patented rounded corners. Nobody in the world would have ever thought of that.. Everrrrr

  7. JTU

    I went to 30 % cash today. I’m looking for a meaningful pullback to pick up something on sale.. I’ve managed to get out of some real dogs lately, without taking a loss thanks to them rallying for no good reason.
    I really wish that I had added to my SWHC yesterday. I think this stock is going back up to 52 week highs!
    DDD and TC are on a roll lately!

    • heaterman

      Every black rifle, every high capacity magazine, every round of .223 ammo is gone from my brothers gun shop as of a little before noon today. He tried to order more from his suppliers and they just laughed at him.
      0 is the best firearms salesman ever!

      • Dirk Diggler

        $500 – $1000 on reloading equipment pays for itself in a few thousand rounds. I recommend Brian enos’s website to anyone who wants to get set up the right way.

    • fifty2weekhi

      Fly, are you hedging VHC with the AAPL longs? I understand you own both.

  8. jimmy_two_times

    How and why Herb is on the tube is beyond me.

    He is even worse than ‘beaker’, when he tried to call out the blogoshpere.

  9. prospectus

    And what does The Devil say about VHC?

  10. razorsedge

    bot small vxx, yesterday. lol just in case! if we dont end tomarrow. im out.

  11. The Fly

    Well the dark clouds of VHc is now raining on me.

    I’m hearing delay. But notes are very bullish.

  12. Quint

    I got a buy order in @29