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Markets Are Closed In Observance Of Good Friday; Here Are Your Top 100 Ranked Names

While the market are closed on Good Friday, here are your top ranked names to study this weekend. The following names have the highest hybrid score, meaning a combined fundamental and technical score, within our Exodus software. I’ve left the volume filters unchanged since the action has been in the small caps as of late.

Happy Easter! Here are your top 100 Ranked Stocks: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

Please note that the above link is sorted by volume not the actual ranking. For rankings, members can bookmark link HERE.

Off to eat some crawfish…

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$CGC Lines Up The Cannabis Trade Ahead Of 4/20

Canopy Growth sets up the cannabis trade into 4/20, with news of a possible acquisition of Acreage holdings. $ACB, another leader in the cannabis industry, was also in the headlines pre-market an upgrade and a positive press release. Indeed, the Cannabis trade is alive and well as we head into the pot smoking holiday, April 20th. Inside Exodus a few more interesting tickers within the industry made our top hybrid screen: $HEXO & $CTST. $HEXO was also on our overnight screen, which can be found HERE.


Let’s see if the Cannabis can regain it footing. The $HEXO sure looks good to go (watch for a big break above 7.33):


As for $CTST, I’m looking for $8, then $9, in short order:

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$BJs For All! We Have A New Champion

Congratulations to Boriscahall for winning the 12th annual stock madness tournament as we close the week! You sir are now entered into an Elite Hall of Fame, and I have a championship iBC mug coming your way. Email me your shipping: [email protected]

IBC Hall Of Fame:

2008 – The Fly

2009 – Wabisabi

2010 – SC

2011 – Chivo

2012 – Zephler

2013 – Rhino

2014 – Adam 

2015 – Andy Swan

2016 – PB

2017  – KY Trader

2018 – Jersey Whale

2019 — Boriscahall

Final 2019 Bracket: $BJ Is The 2019 Winner!


Another successful tournament in the books. Have a good weekend everyone! $BJs for all!

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There Is An 89% Chance The Nasdaq Trades Lower in 10 Days

Queue the short squeeze on the headline above, but $ERY & $QID are now flagging oversold– with a respective win rate of 89%, and 72%. Indeed, should you have a portfolio full of tech stocks, now maybe time to add a little $QID hedge. Heavy long the black gold, Oil? How about an $ERY hedge here? Do what you want with this data, I am just the messenger.


Exodus members be sure to bookmark the oversold screen HERE.

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Momentum Monday

Here are a few ideas to watch this week, all of which come from today’s Momentum screen inside ExodusCLICK HERE FOR FULL SCREEN

If Bitcoin remains strong, look to the new reverse split on the block, $MARA. This thing is set to run:


Looking for a new issue with some potential MOMO? I like the $LTHM on strength:


If oil continues it’s march towards $70, look for best of breed names like $SLB:


Copper/Gold strength? Maybe some $FCX here, preferably on a dip:


Today’s full screen with charts can be found HERE.

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In The Squeeze Zone

The following tickers are names heavily sorted and ranked within the top 500 of Exodus. This week’s screen has a heavy focus in oil & gas. Should we get a continued move higher in the commodity, be alert for some heavy short squeezes in names like: CLR, CHK, DNR, SM, CRZO, & OAS.


Exodus members be sure to bookmark this screen HERE. This is an environment ripe to squeeze short sellers. Have a good weekend all!

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