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Inflation Data Looms

It should be a pretty big week this week after we saw a mini flash crash in $NVDA on Friday. Bitcoin also touched $70,000 again over the weekend, but just didn’t have the gusto to stay there. Now, we have some data to sort through on Tuesday. Should inflation come in high, it could spell trouble for stocks and the crypto-currency market. My guess is “they” want rates lower no matter what and will find a way to fudge the numbers even though I’m paying a car note at every grocery trip.

This market deserves to die, but that’s neither here nor there. We have to trade what we see, and what I see is $SOXS on top of my scan.┬áHere is the weekend scan from Friday: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS. If we don’t landslide lower, I’ll be looking to trade a few of the names below:

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