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$GE Cuts Dividend To 1 Cent; You Guys Got It Wrong

Below are the results from last week’s poll on $GE. As you know, the masses are almost always wrong, and they were wrong once again. $GE trades off by 9% today as the company cuts their dividend completely. Oh wait, not completely, it is now one cent. LOL

Here were the results from last week’s poll:


Oh and $FB still sucks. We’ll touch on that in a minute…

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New Buys: $AMZN & $SQ

I’ve added two new swings to the portfolio this morning. I took $AMZN under $1500, it had to be done, right? And, I took a position in $SQ, a name I’ve been stalking since this washout began.

I still own $SNAP, and love it down here. I also feel the same way about $ROKU at $50.

Good day sir

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Is It Time To Buy GE General Electric?

No, I’m serious, I want to know. Is it time to buy $GE? Vote below:

Is $GE A Buy Here at $12.50/Share?

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Now that you’ve voted in another useless poll and contemplated owning a piece of CNBC, here are some other tickers to watch this week– all of which come from today’s momentum screen inside Exodus: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

Despite panic at the open, we had some big breakouts via $VZ & $MCD. With $F & $GE also making the MOMO screen, it seems people ran to the old man stocks today, no Ramp. Let’s see if the bulls show up tomorrow, or if the bears have them in a vice grip. Developing….

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Some Oversold Stocks To Watch, And One Weed Stock To Buy For The IRA

I joked around inside Exodus today saying that $FAZ has the best chart in the whole market, a bull flag. For those unfamiliar with $FAZ, it is the inverse ETF that tracks the financials, and gives you 3X leverage on downside.

In a rising rate environment I don’t understand why the financials are having so much trouble here. Is there another shoe to drop? Or is this the dip to buy in the financials as we head into 2019?

I don’t know, and would love to hear some feedback in the comment section. One thing is for certain, tomorrow we likely test the recent lows, so buckle up. Just take a look at the recent action here:


Some names to watch should we see a bounce in the financials are $JPM & $WFC, both of which landed on our oversold screen today. Some other names to watch from that screen include:

As for momentum, the shippers had it today, along with the following tickers from our MOMO Screen:


Do we bounce tomorrow? Your guess is as good as mine. I will say this though, if you are looking for a good weed stock to tuck away, you may get a gift should $CGC continue to pull in here. I don’t care what “Seeking Alpha” says. Keep it on watch.

See you guys at the open.

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Stocks Pummeled To Start Q4; Here Are Your Top Ranked Names

The weekend is here and we all get a chance to breathe and survey the damage. It’s amazing to see how many stocks are down 10% from highs since the month began, the damage is widespread, and even gold is trying to bottom. So where do we sit now?  Well, Monday should be pretty telling, so for now, it’s wait and see.

While we wait, let’s take a look at the strongest stocks currently. Here’s a look at the 100 top ranked names inside Exodus. The following names have the highest combination of fundamental and technical scores inside our Exodus Algorithm. This is raw data, with zero filters; CLICK HERE FOR THE TOP 100.

My favorites to watch this for the week include:

It should be another fun week inside the trading room, make sure to stop by as we look to trade a few of these setups. See you guys Monday morning…

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Turnaround Tuesday Didn’t Happen

Everyone was looking for the face ripping rally today, especially with it being Tuesday, but we didn’t get it. And, being that we didn’t get it, the market becomes a little more venerable as we hang around important moving averages.

Take a look at the small cap index, the $RUT, sitting on the 200 Day Moving Average:

And, the S&P 500 index sits right on 50 Day Moving Average:


I, myself. am looking for a dip to buy, and I have a bunch of  statistics inside Exodus to help with the decision making process. Take a look at this screen below, which flags stocks that are being oversold:


I will be watching $GOOGL tomorrow for a possible option trade. I also like the idea of buying any and all weakness in $ROKU. And, $SNAP under $7, you have to be long for a $SNAP back.

Exodus members save the oversold screen HERE, and stay tuned for an option trade setting up here in $GOOGL:


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