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Two Things To Say Tonight

1.) Make sure you check out our new Algo page HERE, it’s free.

2.) Let’s keep an eye on $DOCU for Friday’s trade of the day. A move above $56 should put this one in a straight line to $60.


See you guys at the open.

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FaceBook Is Dead; Buying $SNAP

Facebook is not cool anymore, just ask any kid between the ages of 16-25. I recently spoke to a few kids that would never open a facebook account, let alone know how to use it. They all gravitate to $SNAP. I see these kids day-in and day-out at one of my local businesses, SNAPPING like psychopaths. Never on the Facebook, but occasionally on the Gram– that’s instagram for the ill-informed.

I recently went to a live concert, and what did I see in the air? A whole bunch of camera phones Snapping the concert via $SNAP.

$SNAP has the momentum in social media as Facebook becomes stale and uncool. It has a very similar feel to myspace as Facebook really started to take off.  I want to use any weakness in $SNAP, from this $FB report, to pick up shares. I plan to be a proud owner of SnapChat as of tomorrow.

The shift away from Facebook has arrived. Zukerberg is lucky he still has instagram. I’m a buyer of $SNAP on weakness.

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Where Did The Momentum Go?

Tuesday morning started with a bang thanks to $GOOGL, but quickly ended with a whimper as many tech names sold off hard .  So where did the momentum go? Looking at our MOMO screen inside Exodus, it appears some money is flowing back to the precious metals, water, & energy. Here are some charts to watch from today’s screen:


Let’s see if the momentum continues here or rolls back into tech. We still have Earnings to deal with all week, so be on guard for anything. Less is probably more here, see you guys at the open….

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Charts To Watch This Week: $SPOT To 200+

It’s another fun day inside our premium service, Exodus, as more breakouts were found and more coin was banked. The financials lead the charge once again to start the week, and the recent iPOs gained some momentum.

Today, the hybrid algorithm is flagging 75+ movers to watch this week. Inside the trading chat room, I am focused on: C, USB, GS, SPOT, PVTL, DOCU, EMES, & DOMO.

I’ve imported the results from today’s screen, you may view them in their entirety HERE. $SPOT looks like a dunk shot to $200, and $DOCU looks ready for $60.

As always, make sure to follow along inside our Exodus trading room.

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Lazy Man Chart Sunday

It’s a lazy Sunday down here in Louisiana as temps reach to 109. I have no desire to step outside the comfort of my house with the A/C blowing inside. I damn near had a heat stroke cutting my grass yesterday, no thank you.

It’s easy to sit indoors and do stocks scans on days like today, so that’s what I did this afternoon. Below, you can find my findings, my favorite chart setups heading into a new week. I will look to trade a few of these this upcoming week inside the confines of Exodus, come join us HERE.


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Earnings On Tap This Week

We have a big earnings week up ahead with Google, aka Alphabet, kicking things off Monday. Facebook reports on Wednesday, Amazon on Thursday, & Twitter on Friday. It should be another fun week with a lot of action. Make sure to give @earningswhisper a follow for the nicely laid out calendar below. Good luck to all this week.

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