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Stocks To Get Familiar With Over The Labor Day Holiday

It’s like Christmas morning today for many adult men across the USA as college football kicks off the long Labor Day weekend. I’ve got my black pots out and plenty of cold beer in the fridge for tonight’s game against BYU.

While I let things simmer on the stove, I’d figure I’d start my homework for the upcoming week searching Exodus for the top ranked stocks across our system. Here are a few tickers I will be watching this week:

For those interested in the top ranked stocks currently within our system, here’s a look at this week’s top 50: CLICK HERE

Enjoy the long weekend all!

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Tropical Storm Irma Jumps to Category 2 Hurricane

As if the Gulf coast does not have enough to worry about. It appears there is another hurricane, now category 2 in strength, that is potentially headed to the Gulf of Mexico. Here’s the latest forecast:


As for oil, the commodity is jumping, up over 2% on the day. I know it’s an unpopular trade right now, but I loaded up on some energy this morning via $ERX. I’m even tempted to go long Natural gas here via UGAZ.

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All Gassed Up, Awaiting Harvey

As Harvey gets ready to make another landfall about 60 miles west of me, I’m over here continuing to do research in the oil & gas industry. I spent most of the day gathering up supplies & gasoline should Harvey flood us out, but the latest forecast appears to spare Lafayette.

Houston has a long road ahead, and will likely never be the same. In my opinion, New Orleans still has yet to fully recover from Katrina, and that was 12 years to this date. Things will never be the same.

Back to stocks for a minute. If oil does decide to creep higher, I have my eye on $SLCA, $RDC, $NE, & $ESV. I’m also watching to see if Natural Gas can trade through $3, if we do, you will be best served with a side of $UGAZ.

If the market does indeed continue to squeeze higher, you will want to trade names with high short percentages, as many bears appear to be on the wrong side of the tape. Here’s a look at the latest runner screen inside Exodus:


I’m off to check on my Dad. He refused to leave Houston. He is one of the lucky ones however, no flooding, and still has power. It appears he will be alright.

Here comes Harvey, once again:



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A Look At The Top 100 Ranked Stocks Inside Exodus

Here is your weekly look at the top 100 ranked stocks inside Exodus. This week, I did not use any volume filters or free cash flow metrics, giving you a pure look at the Top 100 stocks currently inside Exodus.

I’ve narrowed this week’s list of names down to my favorite setups. Here’s what I will be watching this upcoming week:

For those interested in the full screen, with all 100 charts, click HERE. Also, please note that the full list is sorted by volume not the actual ranking. Exodus Members can view the actual rankings HERE.

$WLK takes the number #1 spot this week.

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Stocks To Buy When Destructive Hurricanes Form

The following names have worked well when a major hurricane is threatening the gulf coast. We’ll start with the most obvious, the generator play $GNRC:


Don’t forget $BGG, they have generators as well. The technicals here are troublesome though, but can definitely squeeze if Harvey is bad enough:


The next two are the obvious dividend paying names, the Hurricane Staples: $HD & $LOW:


And, of course $DE, $CAT, & $HEES:


Lump USG in there, people will need sheetrock, THERE WILL BE FLOODS:


Next up, Roofing via $BECN, Which has already started to squeeze higher:


$CLH, Environmental clean up:


And the usual suspects, the energy patch, refiners especially: VLO, TSO, DK, WNR, HES, NOV, & OII.

Godspeed Texans. The Cajun Navy will be there if necessary.

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Oil Has A Nice Rounded Bottom

Look, I’ll be the first to say it, this may not be the bottom for oil. But, take a look at how the 30 minute chart of crude oil is setting up here:

The first thing that pops out at me is how price is coiling up right at resistance, we call this building momentum. Also, check out how the chart is rounding out the last few weeks. The commodity started rejecting lows exactly a week ago, last Thursday.

The oil industry is absolutely hated right now, and I’m looking for a big trade here. Quite frankly, I’m a buyer on any strength in the commodity. As a matter of fact, I got a head start buying $RDC near the close on Wednesday. I did this, because Exodus told me to (See HERE).

As long as oil holds $47 and a half, this trade works. Let’s see if the oil bulls show up here, it is hurricane season after all.

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