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Can Solar Stocks Run Here?

There are a number of solar stocks moving higher this morning. Our runner screen inside Exodus has flagged a few tickers to keep an eye on: FSLR, JKS, & SPWR. My favorite chart here is $FSLR, $JKS also has potential. Let’s see if the group can move here.

Let’s watch this $FLSR today:

Today’s full screen can be found HERE

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The Fly Is Straight Up Balling On You Plebs (March Madness Update)

The Fly, lead writer and owner of iBankCoin, is balling over the competition in our 11th annual March madness tournament. As it stands now, his pick in $TUSK is up over double digits for the week, putting his opponent $GSUM to shame.

Here is a current look at the scoreboard heading into the final few minutes of the second round. For a live look at the brackets, CLICK HERE:

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What Stocks To Watch Today

The market is in limbo here, but green. You can almost feel the struggle between both bulls and bears. We are currently holding just below the 50 day moving average on the S&P 500, but bulls look determined to recapture the average. It’s still anyones game.

As for stocks to watch today? I have my eye on RENN, PLUG, AAOI, CLVS, GOGO, & WATT

For today’s full screen: CLICK HERE

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Some Good Charts This Afternoon

The indices are clawing back after Cohn’s departure. My go-to screen in Exodus is lighting up with some good looking charts this afternoon.The steel plays are back with $X & $AKS finding buyers. $SQ continues to be unstoppable, and is $ANF back? Some lotto plays today include $ZSAN & $TRVG. Here’s a look at today’s charts:

For today’s full screen: CLICK HERE 

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China Out In Front Today

$FXI is out in front today, which means they are buying up China names this morning. $EEM, emerging markets, is also out in front, along with $GDX, gold miners. $BZUN had a powerful gap on earnings this morning helping China stocks get off the mat.

Our runner screen is also loaded down with Chi-coms with BABA leading the pack. WUBI, BITA, & ZTO are also on today’s screen. Keep any eye on the group here.

Today’s full list can be found HERE.

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Stocks To Watch As New Week Begins

Indeed, the bears are in the vice grips this morning as the indices run green. Yes, even $GE, the stock with HIV, is green today.

Let’s go ahead a take a look at our runner screen once again as we start the week. Today’s list is concentrated heavily in oil once again, so that’s where you need to be focused. I’ve already noted that my pick there is $RIG, and I still like it sub $10.

Here are today’s watchlist candidates, we have 100+ to sort through: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

Tickers in focus here include: SQ, CHK, OAS, CF, WLL, SM, FSLR, TRVG, & NXTD 

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