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Stock Market REKT On Corona Fears; Here Are Your Top Rated Stocks

Here’s your weekly look at the top 100 ranked stocks inside our Exodus Algorithm. This week I did not add in any volume filters due to the small cap biotech names running. This is a pure look at the top 100 ranked stocks in the market based on “current” technicals & fundamental scores. Note: This ranking is ever-changing.

The following results are sorted by market cap, NOT the actual ranking. To view the actual ranking, the official screen for members can be found & saved HERE. Non-members have no fear, the top 100 names can be found HERE.

If you don’t have stocks that look like the above link, it may be time to join the rank of Exodus (Soon to be Stocklabs.com). It should be another fun week. Let’s watch that $ENZ on Monday.

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Welcome To The Sweet Sixteen

My blogging has been light this week, but my trading is been ramped up inside the hallowed halls of Exodus (Soon to be StockLabs.com). Today, I overtraded a bit, and caught some trash stocks going against me quick. But, my day was saved thanks to the ol’ $COCP trade at the end of the day. Shout out to The Fly and OneLot who were all over the move this afternoon:

As you can see in the after-hours session $COCP caught a PR and trapped shorts going into Monday. Good times.


Now, let’s talk about what we’re here for, the Sweet Sixteen. Sixteen traders have been eliminated from our March Madness Tourney, and sixteen people remain. Here was the final outcome for week 2:


The brackets have been updated, congrats to all who made it to The Sweet Sixteen: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

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Momentum Monday

What a way to start the week with the Dow Jones, the old man index, up a cool 1300 points. I can see Trump strutting around the White House after reading the headline, “Dow sees biggest-ever point gain“.  Nothing can stop new inflows of money pouring in on the first trading day of the month, not even COVID-19.

I’m a little skeptical of this rally, but it is what it is. Price action is everything, and the momentum screen inside Exodus was lit. Today’s screen produced well over 100 charts, and the imported link can be found HERE. Exodus members can bookmark the screen HERE.

For those that just want the actionable ideas, the best looking charts from today’s screen, see below:


I really like that $LVGO. We’ll see if this move sticks. Off to eat a whole box of Girl Scout Cookies….

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32 Stocks Left

Week one is in the books for iBC’s 13th annual March Madness Tournament. And, judging from the news in after-hours on $TWTR, it looks like I missed advancing to the next round by a day. Here was the final score to week one:


The brackets have been updated, here is the matchup for Week 2: CLICK HERE

Congrats to all that are advancing…

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Bought Stocks Today

I wanted some of the tech leaders, so I bought $TQQQ. I wanted some oil & a fat dividend after this decline, so I bought $SLB. And, I wanted the recent leader, $TSLA, so I bought the dip there as well.

As for week 1 in our March Madness tournament, it is coming to and end. You can check the scores HERE.

The say markets don’t bottom on a Friday, but I took a few shots today. Happy Friday.

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Mardi Gras Is Over…

But, the throws continue inside The Exodus trading room– today it was all about the CoronaVirus stocks. Now it is true that I’m down on my Twitter position, and even look to be defeated in the first round of the March Madness tournament, but I’m also happy I get to buy lower. On the next big drop, which may be tomorrow morning, I plan to add to $TWTR, maybe I’ll add some $PINS too.

The Fly left us with a bunch of Virus stocks to watch into tomorrow, and I took all of his plays today. Why? Because he is pistol hot, I’ve seen him go on similar runs before and it is something to witness. What a time to be alive.

On a side note, I’m starting to get a little worried that the Virus will explode in the USA. However, my friends, who are smarter than me, are quick to remind me that our medicine is supreme, as is our living conditions. There will be no stocking up of supplies on my end, unless we are talking about shares of $TWTR. I will make TWTR a top position soon. Developing….

Note: Here is the breakout screen at the close. What a day for $CODX!

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