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There Is A Lot Of Noise. A Lot A Lot Of Noise

Warren Buffet is buying the financials hand over fist here, specifically the $JPM. Apple computer has built the best cellular computer phone the world has ever seen, and people are paying $1500 for it– without batting a single eyelash. Oil is now back down to the low 50s, and we magically have more money to spend for Christmas due to saving at the pump. I swear Donald Trump is a mother fucking genius.

I like everything I saw today, from a bullish perspective. I even think $AAPL has bottomed for the rest of the year. The market needs $AAPL to trade higher, just like it needs the financials to trade higher. The $XLF, the ETF which tracks the financials, has a nice bullish inverted head and shoulders pattern developing. see graphs below:


If this bullish tone continues into the week, here are some names moving up in the Exodus ranks. (Members can save screen HERE)

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Trying My Best To Sit Tight

Can markets bottom on a Friday? or did they bottom today? Do we have a Thanksgiving rally this year? or has Christmas officially been canceled? I want to see the Semiconductor stocks, aka Semis, lead in a bullish tape. $NVDA just put a small damper on that.

My trading activity has been light as of late as I’m trying to limit mistakes in a brutal tape. As for my current holdings…. we caught some good action in $NIO today, and even recovered some lost coin in $ROKU. $AMZN closed back above $1600, and $SQ is holding the line. My absolute favorite position, $SNAP, was even up a cool 5%.

Let’s see how the market holds up on Friday. If we lose Thursday’s lows, all bets are off. We have some key levels to watch. Let’s wait for things to setup.

No rush here.

Here are your momentum names moving up in rank, courtesy of Exodus:

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Here’s A Look At The Very Best Stocks: Weekend Top 50 (Sponsored by Exodus)

Here’s your weekly look at the top 50 ranked stocks inside iBC’s trading software, Exodus. The following names lead the way in terms of their overall hybrid score, meaning their combined financial & technical score. Also, every name on this list maintains positive free cash flow, meaning these companies actually make money.

I’ve imported the top 50 names for your viewing pleasure, they can be found HERE. One name to note from this screen is $SBUX. This stock could careless about an election or a trade war. Here are the very best stocks the market has to offer:


Long live Disney World, coffee, burritos, makeup, & drugs. Have a good weekend all.

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Disaster On Anniversary Day

As many of you know from my previous post, it’s anniversary time with LSU & Alabama playing each other to start November. This year, my wife and I celebrate 10 years of marriage, a date to celebrate indeed. We did some small travel, and I showered her with a bunch of flowers (Including an aluminum one). She was also gifted a diamond band to go over her other wedding rings, and a new SUV. I think I did good.

The anniversary date which fell yesterday, November 8th, was a great day. Normally, on big occasions, it doesn’t really go so well. This time however, it went damn near perfect. Really, the only reason why I say “damn near perfect” is because I had this $ROKU fucking thorn in my side as I opened my trading app for a quick second. I should have sold the stock there, but honestly didn’t think the quarter was all that bad. So I continued with the festivities.

As we got closer to the closing bell, the thorn in my side became an axe in my abdomen, as this beautiful head and shoulders pattern was playing out regardless of my bullish thesis.

Where does $ROKU go from here? I don’t know, but it seems like dead money for now. Technicals win in a market where stocks are priced to perfection, and I was too slow to act.

I’ve got some work to do next week….

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Who Are You Betting On? LSU vs. BAMA

It’s the biggest game of the year. Who are you guys putting your money on? You already know my money lies with the LSU Tigers as Alabama has yet to see a defense this frightful. I believe Alabama is favored by 13.5 even with the game being played in Tiger Stadium aka Death Valley.

Ten years ago, I got married to my wife on the day Nick Saban got his first shot coaching against LSU for Alabama. I remember my wife asking me sometime in April what day I wanted to get married. I told her, “baby, it doesn’t matter, whatever makes you happy.” BIG MISTAKE. Invitations went out shortly thereafter and I immediately started getting calls from family members asking me if I was mentally challenged.

I told the wife we had to change the date, but she refused, the invitations were already sent. I told her we had to have a TV at the reception, she said NO. She lost, a TV was there. We had a great time, and LSU lost in overtime by a field goal. She still hates LSU to this day. And, I still love her to this day. Let’s geaux tigers, WE COMING…

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Another Useless Poll: How Do We Really Feel About SnapChat?

Please discuss in the comment section and vote below:

How Do We Really Feel About Investing in Snapchat?

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Disclaimer: I own shares of $SNAP at time of post, and could give two shits if you buy or sell. Thank you for voting.

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