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Tickers To Watch Instead Of The Eclipse

What an eventful week ahead of the Eclipse with multiple Earthquakes reported. So many theories going around the “Tick Tocked” you would swear it’s Y2K all over again except with the sun. I will not be viewing the Eclipse, but know a few who are going to watch the spectacle. Instead, I’ll be watching stocks as I always do and have more interest counting the days down before the Bitcoin halvening.

Here are a few tickers to watch this week from the Momentum Delta Scan inside Stocklabs: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS. $NFLX & $META reign supreme and are on top of the scan, along with $GE– all have been on an absolute tear.

$SE has been showing signs of bottoming and looks good here, as does $SQ. $S seems like a good play here. And, there are a number of small plays to watch from scan this week: $GERN, $INDI, $ESPR, $CGC, $CXAI, & $XXII.

My crypto bed has been set since August of last year, and is up another +60% to start the first quarter of 2024. All noted inside Stocklabs.

And, now the Gold and Silver miners looks ready to catch up here. The miners were scan heavy this past week and are starting to break some significant levels.

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