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Where Is The Momentum?

After two solid days of gains, the market takes a brief pause today. Is this where things start to roll over? or, are we still waiting for Euphoria? Who the hell cares! There are plenty of setups to trade, and always something moving.

Today it was bitcoin. The almighty cryptocurrency traded back above $7,000, and has sparked a few of the proxy plays: $SQ, $OSTK, $DPW, & $TEUM. Biotech also had a solid day, just take a look at GERN, CARA, & BLUE below:


For a full look at today’s momentum screen found inside our software Exodus: CLICK HERE. I’ll see you guys at the open.

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Markets Continue To Break To The Upside

What a day for the markets as the indices start to break up and out. Just when you think stocks can’t go any higher, we close at the highs. We are in run-away mode ladies & gentlemen, get your stock tickers, aka Lottery tickets, ready. Below, are some names on top of the hybrid mover screen inside Exodus. These are the names that saw the largest jump in score today:


Today’s full list can be found HERE. There are a bunch to sort through tonight.

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I’m Back In The $SNAP Chat

I’m back in the $SNAP Chat as of today. Here’s an easy-to-manage trade as it tries to trade off lows put in this week, we call this trading off the mat. 11.34 was the low put in earlier this week. I want to see that level hold. Slow Stochastic turning up and crossing from oversold levels. Let’s see if she can get up and go:

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Yoga Pants Are Back, And So Is Momentum

At least for today. Whether it’s yoga pants via $LULU, or smoking weed via $CGC, or watching movies via $NFLX, the short sellers feel the blade today.

Our Momentum screen inside Exodus is firing on all cylinders. For those that care to take a look at today’s results? I’ve imported them to finviz for your viewing pleasure: CLICK HERE.

My favorite Charts to watch from today’s screen include:


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Things I’m Watching

Well, it’s the start of another school year for my little girls, and every year it seems summer gets a little shorter for them. What happened to starting school after Labor day? We might as well start in July, better yet forgo Summer all together. Sucks for them.

Well, summer is indeed over, but it’s still hot, and hot its been for the bulls this week. China was absolutely pummeled at the open only to put in some nice little wicks that we can trade. I feel good sitting here with $BIDU calls. So that’s the first thing I’m watch here, $BIDU. We even got some good oversold stats to boot, compliments of Exodus:


The second thing I’m watching here is this dip in $ROKU. You guys who missed the latest trade here, you have been granted a gift with this pullback. Use today’s low to help manage a trade, it’s a must own for me.


As for other things to watch, take a gander at the link below. Here are all of today’s top hybrid movers from Exodus. These are the names that saw a jump greater than 25% in their overall Exodus ranking. These are the names people were buying as others were jumping out of windows. I’ve imported today’s list for your viewing pleasure: CLICK HERE.

See you guys at the open…

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China Gives Us An Easy Swing

Surprisingly, China led the way today with the $FXI, China Large-Caps, up a cool 2.22%. Indeed, it was good to finally see the Chinese Netflix, ie. $IQ, find its footing. It was also nice to see “The Fly” back with his $BILI club. And, as for me, I jumped back in Chinese retailer, $JD. The technicals make for an easy swing trade, see below:


I love how price gets rejected each time the stock trades south of $35. This gives us a clear area to define our exit should the trade finally break through those levels. Let’s see if today’s momentum can carry into tomorrow’s session and break price back above the 20 day moving average.

My stop is set just south of $35. Let’s let the trade work.

Bonus: Here are all 250+ top hybrid movers on the day, courtesy of Exodus. $JD makes today’s list: CLICK HERE.

Bonus II: Exodus members can save this China Screen HERE.

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