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Looks Like A CRSP BJ Championship

Our 12th annual Stock Madness Tournament is going on and we are down to the final four: CLICK HERE FOR THE FINAL FOUR BRACKET. Representing the North, is Citizen Square with his squad $VEEV. His opponent in the south is Boriscahall with $BJ. In the West we have Sorker with $CRSP, and in the East– Operator with $CARA.

It looks to be a $CRSP $BJ championship, but anything can happen in the final day.


As far a stocks, it’s Friday, and in 2019 stocks seem to trade higher on Friday. I expect nothing less tomorrow. Here is today’s momentum screen: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

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iBC’s Top 50

It’s the weekend, and it’s time to go over the top rated stocks found inside Exodus. This week I decided to leave the list in pure form, leaving in the small cap and low float names. I’ve imported all 50 tickers to finviz for all access viewing. Please note that the following link is sorted by volume, not the actual ranking: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS.

Here are your top ranked names below:


Exodus Members can view and bookmark The Top 50 Screen HERE.

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Buy Strength, Sell Weakness.

The market held up relatively well today giving us a solid setup as we close the week. Today’s action blessed us with an inside day on the $SPX, all while holding the 20 day moving average.

A break below today’s low, breaches the 20 day MA (and some heavy support), and likely starts an avalanche of selling into the weekend. On the flip side, a move above today’s high, puts us back in breakout territory. Let’s see if the bulls hold support here.

On strength tomorrow, I will look to pick a few names from our Momentum screen in Exodus. At the close, there were 100+ names to sort through. If you feel like doing some chart surfing, I’ve imported the tickers HERE.

Oil & gas names have the best setups leading into a big breakout in Crude Oil. Should oil bust through $60, here are a few tickers to keep an eye on: SWN, DNR, SLB (I own the SLOB), RRC, NOG, DO, CLR, & SLCA

On China strength: CTRP, CIFS, QD, HUYA, & BZUN (all from screen above).

And, for you lotto lovers. Here are some small caps moving on above average volume:


And, for the elite eight matchup going on right now, it will come down to the final minutes for a few. Who will make it to the FINAL FOUR? Click here for our IBC Stock Madness Bracket.

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Turnaround Tuesday?

The close was a little less than spectacular, but yesterday’s low in the Market still holds and now becomes an important pivot point to key off of. Our momentum screen is lighting up once again with many great looking charts setting up. Oil is also at an action point and looks poised to breakout over $60. Indeed, tomorrow is shaping up to be an interesting day.

$SVMK takes the #1 spot on our momentum screen at the close. $HEXO is also back at the top and looks primed for more. Here are some top candidates to watch compliments of Exodus:


For today’s full screen, make sure to bookmark it HERE. Let’s keep ay eye on that $FTCH this week:

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Momentum Monday (Or The Lack Thereof)

It was a rather slow day in the market with shiny metals littering our momentum screens. The Russell 2000 failed to retake the 50 day moving average, but closed green on the day after Friday’s bloodletting. Gold, homebuilders, and select biotech names were the movers today. $BA even made today’s screen. Below are your top movers:


For a full look at today’s momentum screen inside Exodus: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS.

As for tickers of interest, there are very little to note here. Let’s see if the precious metals can gain some moment here, charts like $AUY look ripe for continuation.

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Here Is Your Weekend Top 100

It been a week filled with traps laid by both bull Bulls and bears. I can’t say that I won’t be surprised if we pullback here given the action in $BPTH and the small caps. Everything seemed to die on Friday, and I opted for a cash heavy portfolio into next week. Will there be talks of support and stick sandwiches next week? Anything is possible here, but for now let’s take a look at the $SPY and the top rated names inside Exodus.

Are we putting in a right shoulder to a very larger inverse head & shoulders pattern (a bullish pattern)? I would not venture off to say the bull is dead quite yet, but we may experience some more pain for the upcoming week. That is one steep angle of accent below:


As for the names holding up best in the market, I’ve uploaded the top 100 ranked names from Exodus to finviz. These are your strongest stocks based on both financials & Technicals: CLICK HERE FOR THE TOP 100

Gold stocks, REITs, & High dividend paying names are on top of this week’s list– Which are more defensive in nature. Members can see rankings in real time HERE, make sure to bookmark that link.

Have a good weekend all!

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