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Momentum Scanning

It been hard to spot momentum this week, but one of our positions $PLTR showed up today and lead the way all damn day. $TWTR also broke to new 52 week highs, and its counterpart, $FB, looks ready for flight with earnings due out later this week. China is back in the picture with $NIO leading again (odd, no?), $JD & $SE look poised for higher prices, as does the forgotten child $HUYA.

Here’s a look at the standouts from today’s momentum scan inside Exodus:

For Tuesday’s full scan: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

See you guys at the open…

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GameStop For Thursday

Here’s a look at your early leaders trading above average volume. $GME, a name that I own, looks ready to squeeze shorts here, keep it on watch all day….


Other tickers to watch include: EVKSQBG, AXTA, DDD, JBLU, SAVE, IDEX, SONO 

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Hump Day Breakout Plays

Back again this morning with some of your unusual volume movers. Here are some names I will be trading from our Stocklabs (beta) screener:

$RIOT & $MARA again from yesterday, off bitcoin strength. $CAN & $MFH new on today’s screen, which are also Bitcoin related.

$ACB $TLRY & $CGC Cannabis stocks once again pop on the screen

And a few other tickers to note: PNM TCS CEI ASTC SWN CALX AR DDD SBSW SXTC RRC SELB EXK 


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Tickers For Tuesday

Here are your early leaders trading above average volume. I will update the post throughout the day with tickers of interest, enjoy:

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Stocks To Watch This Monday

Here are a few stocks I’ll be trading inside our Exodus trading room, all coming from our StockLabz beta scan. For those not inside the trading chat, here are the tickers (Note: I will be adding charts throughout the trading day, check back for more ideas):

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Good evening my fellow Americans. Hurricane Delta is in the Gulf of Mexico and has it’s sights set for me in Lafayette, LA. If you zoom-in to the current track you will find the projected path heading straight over my beloved home in Cajun Country. With much to do, and much to prepare for, the only thing on my mind is…can I trade stocks? You see, this is no ordinary time for stock traders. This is one of these rare moments in time, where if you know what you are doing, you have a pretty good chance of growing your account exponentially.

Generator? Check

Laptop? Check

Phone to hotspot from? Check

Stocklabs Scanner? Check

Trade alerts from Exodus set to phone? Check

Don’t think for one second that because there is a storm heading my way, that I will not trade. I’ve been trading so much lately that I forget to blog. Really, there is no reason to blog and post charts and trade ideas. You just need a good scanner to find the delta change in volume, and a good mouse to hit the buy & sell button. It really has been that simple.

Besides scalping momentum, I am excited about one particular stock here. This particular stock happens to be in a very hot industry (3D printing), and happens to be a small cap, low float, high short type of play. Cathie Wood, and her goons at Ark, are out in front here buying shares for their innovation fund as a bonus. The stock is $NNDM, and is flagging out nicely on the daily timeframe. $DDD, $SSYS, $XONE, also within the 3D space, made the Stocklabs scans today. Keep an eye on the group:


I would give you more ideas, but really, it is meaningless. I will buy whatever the Stocklabs scanner tells me, or whatever Fly or Exodus member TGiR buys (Both men have been in a league of their own, members know just what I mean)

There is no need to wish me well in front of Hurricane Delta. I have everything I need, including a new Stocklabs screen, labeled “Delta” which is soon to be released.


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