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Momentum Monday Is Back With Fresh “STIMMY”

The Exodus momentum scan is firing on all cylinders to start the week, just as fresh stimulus checks hit the pockets of millions of Americans. It appears that this installment of “Stimmy” is going right into $CCIV, as the name finally finds it’s footing after the CEO teases us with a test drive video (see bottom of post for video). $AAPL also looks solid into the week as it wrestles with the 20 day moving average, and Gold is also perking up as it hears the money printer kicking into overdrive.

For those interested in tonight’s full momentum screen, I’ve imported the results to finviz for your viewing pleasure: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

My favorites for the week include:


ICYMI: Here is the Lucid Air CEO test drive:


And, here is the New EV Truck Reveal from Canoo. How do you guys feel about the design? $GOEV was active and green all day on today’s scan.

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Finally, A Correction In The Markets….Here Are Your Leaders

It was a brutal week for momentum and growth traders, specifically anything that was in the $ARKK ETF. You could almost feel the hedge funds gunning for Cathy Wood’s positions, exclaiming enough is enough. I watched $TSLA all day on Friday, and there was definitely a panic vibe mid morning as investors/traders regurgitated their shares.

In my opinion, the big snapback we saw intraday Friday was justified for the amount of pain across the market. The indices masked the pain, and the VIX failed to really get moving, but growth stocks were absolutely hammered this week. The big question now becomes, is the selling over?

As for the names that held up best, let’s take a look at the top 50 names within our Exodus trading platform: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS. Indeed, $XOM leads the way as oil finds it’s way back near $70 on inflation fears.

And, for those playing in the The 14th Annual March Madness Tournament, the brackets have been UPDATED. Congrats to everyone who made it to the next round.

Have a good weekend all!

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March Is Here, And So Is Our 14th Annual Stock Tournament

If you had a bad week in the market, chances are you are not alone. Just take a look at the carnage below as our annual March Madness Torunament get’s underway:

Sadly, my $BIGC has been Lorena Bobbitt’d by the good folks at $LOTZ, and I have yet again been eliminated in round one. I see that Fly & Raul made it to round two, therefore I will root for Tacos and Silver in the month of March. Indeud, the bracket has been updated: CLICK HERE FOR ROUND 2.

Have a good weekend all!

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March Madness 2021 Is Here

The 14th annual “2021 March Madness Stock Tournament” is here. Registration is now open! To enter this tournament, the rules are very simple:

  • Place your stock pick in the comment section
  • No duplicate picks (time stamp in comment section wins out).
  • NO ETFs
  • And, stocks must be over $10

The tournament will begin this upcoming Monday, with Friday’s closing price as your starting point.

The tournament will run for six weeks: head to head with a new opponent each week.

The winning percentage for that week will advance to the next round.

Scores will reset each week to make a level playing field.

I’ll be going with $BIGC this year as my pick. Good luck all, you may now enter your pick in the comment section below.

iBankCoin Hall of Fame (previous winners) :

2008 – The Fly

2009 – Wabisabi

2010 – SC

2011 – Chivo

2012 – Zephler

2013 – Rhino

2014 – Adam 

2015 – Andy Swan

2016 – PB

2017  – KY Trader

2018 – Jersey Whale

2019 — Boriscahall

2020 — BigToona

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Programming Notes

Stocklabs, the upgrade to Exodus, is just about here. We are working on the finishing touches and it will not disappoint. For the last few weeks, I’ve been streaming the real time scans, and you can check today’s LIVE session HERE.

Our 13the annual March Madness tournament will start next week so be on the lookout for a post to pick your entry. As for the stock of the year contest, your leaders can be found HERE.

And, incase you are living under a rock, Elon is investing in bitcoin, and bigly. 1.5B

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Weekend Top 100

As we wrap up the first month of January with a big Earnings blowout week, here are your top ranked stocks as 2021 gets underway. The following scan searches for stocks that have a high combined technical & financial score, aka The Hybrid Score. The results below are also sorted by market cap, NOT the actual ranking. To view the actual ranking, the official screen for members can be found & saved HERE.

Non-members have no fear, the top 100 names can be found HERE. And, here are a few of my favorite charts from this week’s screen to put on the watchlist:


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