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The Fourth Quarter Begins….Here Is Your Weekend Scan

In between buying and selling NFTs this weekend, I wanted to a run my weekly scan to build a watchlist for the upcoming week. I use the momentum Delta scan in Stocklabs, at the close on Friday, to find ideas to watch the following week. Members inside the Lab can save screen HERE, for those without access I’ve imported the weekly scan for you HERE.

Oil stocks continue to litter the scan, with king $XOM closing out at the highs. It could be a big week for oil related names should we begin to see a squeeze to $80 in the commodity. Bitcoin also looks ripe for a breakout through 50K, and I see a number of bitcoin proxy plays on scan: MARA, CAN, BITF, HUT, & CAN. $CF also had a monster day which could lead to some heavy momentum in the Ag sector. Indeed, should the market bounce here we may see the $100 tomato sooner than later.

Here are some of my favorite charts to watch this upcoming week:


As we begin the final quarter of 2021, here are your leaders in the iBankCoin Stock of the Year contest. Oil and bitcoin have been your big winners this year:

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Tricky Tricky Market

The Nasdaq closed red today, but I was green in my trading. The market closes on the lows, yet our Momentum Delta scan is loaded down with tickers.

Which way does the tide turn this week? Beneath the surface there was some life, specifically Energy, Alternative Energy, & Financials. The Frackers are squeezing and Biden is just getting started, or is he? Indeed, 2021, the year where Meme stocks reign supreme, and nothing is what it seems…..


Here is my watchlist heading into the week, all which come from the momentum scan in StocklabsBABA, SHIP, CLOV, DIDI, SEEL, SDC, WKHS, BTU, HUT, RMO, NOV, SOLO, PATH, CGC, SRNE, JMIA, VLDR, & SPWR (CHARTS)

If all else fails, I’ll look to build my VXX position– just in time for Halloween. Tricky Tricky Market.

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Futures Point Higher; Scan Results From Friday

Bitcoin is once again off the lows after the 63rd China ban, and the US NASCRACK futures also point to a higher open. Friday’s scan left a bunch of goodies for review, specifically $MRIN $SNAP $FLGC $DMYI $BCTX $POAI $SFIX $MP $COST.

For those interested in the full momentum delta scan from Stocklabs, I’ve imported Friday’s results HERE. See you guys at the open…

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Conviction Long

There are not too many stocks I feel comfortable owning here. The other day, I mentioned that $TWTR calls seem like a good opportunity, and indeed it has been– now pushing through resistance:


But, I’m not here to talk about the Blue Bird, I’ve already posted about it, as well as Captain Raul. I’m here to talk about another position that is busting out in size, a name I have in my swing trading account as well as my long term account, and that stock is $SOFI.

$SOFI got a huge upgrade from Jefferies today, announcing a $25 dollar target on the stock. The company is making some huge strides with it’s banking charter and has already made some successful acquisitions, one big one last year, Galileo. The company is making waves with digital currency and digital banking, and could end up being an acquisition target itself for those legacy banks slow to act. The stock is once again on my high breakout screen inside Stocklabs, and I have no intentions on selling here…

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It’s been fun ignoring stocks in lieu of NFTs on days like today. This time last year I did the same thing, only with collectable basketball cards, this year it is digital non-fungible tokens. I’ve had a hard time committing any real capital to this market with prices elevated, and multiple companies sporting trillion dollar market caps. Maybe, just maybe, we get a meaningful dip in stocks, but then again when I hear news of leveraged loans, the sideline is a mighty fine place to be.

Nothing can snatch your soul more than trying to call the bottom, repeatedly.

The stock scans, specifically the high volume movers, were picking up inverse ETFs all day long. Buyers finally stepped in near the close to give bulls a little relief. However, I did not buy.

One must assume that any bounce in the morning will be sold. So with that in mind, instead of trying to get cute and play a bounce, I decided to try my luck at a new Solana NFT mint.

I know my stock audience does not want to hear about another NFT, but this is where we are. Last week, we went from a free Jesus Piece, to free Snakes, to damn SOUL SNATCHERS as we begin this new week. If this is not a market top or “END OF WORLD” sign, I don’t know what is….

Check out this beauty below, which sports a fine ’80 robocop rare helmet. My Solana Thugbirdz also got it popping today (I cant believe I just said that). Mom, we won again today in NFTs.

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Christmas Is Coming….

And, I am well positioned.

Lately, I have been buying December calls in TWTR every morning when the market dips. We have all been pretty bullish on Twitter here at iBankCoin pretty much since the iPO. Lately though, Raul, aka Vince, has had his spider senses tingling on the blue bird. He made it well known on twitter and his blog (a must read), that a TWTR long is financial advice. I like him sticking his neck out with call options, and like the fact that Twitter is morphing into an early stage metaverse.

There is not much that makes sense in the market, but a Twitter long into Christmas is a bet I’m willing to make. I like the idea of using call options, because you know the exact amount you can lose. Instead of YOLO’ing your account in the name, think about the total amount invested. Ask yourself, are you prepared to lose that amount? I’ve seen Twitter do some crazy things over it’s life span, so a breakdown is not out of question.

I’ve been trading well, and made a nice mint on NFTs. I can take some risk here with my partner in crime Raul. Long TWTR calls into Christmas.

And, if my twitter calls zero out, I still have a few Eggs ready to hatch Christmas morning. If you are wondering my top NFT idea, you are looking at it below:

Christmas is coming, and the Cajun has been a good boy all year long.

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