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The Wait For Stocklabs Is Just About Over…

The first two weeks of the year for The Cajun consisted of learning how to stream content. You see, it all started when one of our current subscribers hacked into stocklabs, after he got a sneak peak. He got accustomed to the real time screens, and decided he couldn’t live without it, so he found a back door.

Once caught by our Lord Supreme Commander in Chief, The Fly, he was quickly thrown out the back door, and almost kicked from the service indefinitely. However, Dr. Fly was in a forgiving mood that day.

This said intruder made a quick comment inside the Exodus chat room saying, “if The Cajun has early access, then he should stream the screens for all current subscribers waiting.” And, that is exactly what I’ve done the first few weeks of the year.

Fast forward to MLK day and The Cajun has a brand new command center equipped with enough graphic chips to mine a few shitcoins. I even got a fancy YETI microphone, so maybe I’ll bless the stream with my Cajun drawl. You can view the stream HERE for free, up until Stocklabs is released. Make sure to subscribe to page for live alerts. 

I use to spend hours a night going though 1000s of charts, only to find that half of them won’t work. Now there is no more guessing, stocklabs tells me what stocks I should be buying, and I have more time to learn about high powered computing.

Indeud, 2021 is off to a great start, and the wait for stocklabs is just about over.

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Momentum Monday Starts Off Golden

When I say golden, I mean gold. Gold & silver were all over today’s scans as we start the new 2021 calendar year, our momentum scanner picked up GOLD, IAU, NEM, EGO, & GSV. I’ve imported today’s full scan for your viewing pleasure: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

We won’t spend much time on charts this Monday however, as we have a few housekeeping items to take care of as the new year begins. Mr. Mike Morris won our 2020 Stock of the Year contest with his pick in $TSLA (Mike, please email me ibc.cajun at gmail.com for your championship mug). Everyone give him golf clap:

To everyone else who entered the 2021 contest, please double check your entry to make sure you have been added to this year’s contest and that your pick is correct. Here is the contest link: CLICK HERE FOR 2021 STOCK OF THE YEAR.

Here are your early 2021 leaders:

Note: I am in a forgiving mood, so for those that picked a stock under $10, you have until tomorrow to change your pick.

Note II: I will be streaming some of the features from Stocklabs (NEW SOFTWARE FROM IBANKCOIN; COMING SOON) this month on my YouTube channel. Be sure to give me a like, and subscribe for alerts, as I begin to dust off my Channel for 2021. Indeed, it’s going to be a good year.

Happy New Year to my readers…..

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ENTER YOUR STOCK PICK HERE….Stock of the Year 2021

It’s that time again. It’s time for the 13th annual stock of the year contest hosted by iBankCoin. For those playing for the first time, it’s easy to enter, simply place your stock ticker in the comment section of this post. Stocks must be over $10 and no ETFs.

Rules to enter:

1. Comment with your stock symbol in this post

2. Stocks must be over $10

3. No ETFs

Good luck all!

Note: My pick for 2021 will be, e-commerce giant $BIGC. This recent new iPO, with high growth, got hit in late 2020 with an offering that stalled it’s move. I think 2021 will be the time to shine as E-Commerce appears to be JUST GETTING STARTED…..

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Stock Of The Year……2020

The 11th annual stock of the year contest is coming to an end, and it appears to be coming down to the wire. Indeed, in the year twenty-twenty, we have two stocks up over 700% going head to head as we close out the year. Who will take the crown in 2020? Will it be $OSTK or $APPS?

My pick, $NVTA, was up a cool 200%, but that only gets you tenth place in 2020. Here is the 2020 leader board below (what a year it has been for stocks!):

The full contest link can be found HERE. The winner will get a persoanlized iBankCoin mug, and you can get one too HERE. Stay tuned for instruction on the “2021 Stock of the Year” contest next. My pick for the new year will likely be $BIGC, because that’s what I’m bringing in 2021:



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The World Is Our Oyster…. Cathie Wood 2020 Person Of The Year

As a father of two girls I enjoy seeing Cathie Wood winning. One-fifth of her firm’s gains come from her ownership in $TSLA, and FinTwit (Financial Twitter) can’t stand it. Why is it that when anyone reaches a certain level of success the Congradulate turns into hate?

If my daughter ever gets into finance, specifically asset management, I would tell her to study Cathie Wood. I would tell my the daughter the same things Cathie outlines in this video: Focus on solving problems, follow the growth, and go where the heard is not.

Cathie has been in Finance for 40 Years, has built a solid track record, and now seeing her work reach legendary status as 2020 comes to an end. Everyone says what she did is easy, as she did what any “Robinhood” investor has done, simply hold the line in tech companies. If it was so easy, why did every asset manager not see the same level of success?

Looking forward, she believes technology platforms are changing the world we live in: Artificial intelligence, robotics, energy storage, genome sequencing, and the blockchain. Looking ten years out, she mentions Quantum Computing.

If you have 30 minutes this weekend, I highly suggest taking in this video. She even gives us a few genome stocks, that in her opinion, have the potential to outperform $TSLA:


Cheers to a great year Cathie. May your $NNDM explode higher like Roman Candles as we end this year. You deserve all the success you are getting, job well done.



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Saturday Morning Breakouts

Straight from our breakout screen inside Exodus, here are some charts to watch for the upcoming week. Members can bookmark the screen HERE. At the close on Friday, we had 40+ names to sort through, with my favorites listed below: 

For the full screen results CLICK HERE. Have a good weekend all!

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