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Welcome To 2022; Give Me Your Best Pick For The Year

We’ll start the year just as we have done for the last 15 years, the iBC annual Stock of the Year Contest. What is the one stock that you feel compelled to invest in for 2022, what is your very best pick for the year? Please do not give me an ETF, a penny stock under $10, or a company you want to short. I understand many will have an inclination to short this year, but I’m not looking for that.

I want your best stock idea for 2022….Now enter your pick in the comment section.


Below is your 2021 co-champions and stock of the year….$MARA. Congrats Twoez & Nabomb. Please DM your shipping address, I have a championship mug for you guys…

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Merry Christmas to all of my readers across the globe. Thank you for your support over the last 15 years, tonight I toast to you along with Baby Jesus. As we raise our glasses, let’s also raise one for 9x9x9x, the digital Santa Clause. What happened this Christmas Eve in the NFT space can only be described as a Christmas miracle.

As Jack throws a tantrum on twitter over the venture capital markets, and Lindzon claps back with Memes, 9x9x9 is literally fixing the problem in real time using blockchain technology, sending a big “FUCK YOU” to OpenSea and venture capitalists, while rewarding: The People, The Community, WEB 3.0– as it should be.

So what’s next? Every OpenSea user was just gifted free money in the form of an airdrop token on the Ethereum blockchain. In my opinion, most won’t recognize the magnitude of this $SOS token, so they will swap this token for internet cash– Ethereum. What you are about to witness is indeed what you heard in internet folk tales……THE $ETH GOD CANDLE.

As this bullish halving cycle comes to an end, I am thankful for the NFT community as it provided a place of refuge as everything else was crumbling around me in 2021. In the real world, my arms continue to be tied behind my back as a small business owner. This January will no doubt be all about Omicron, just as last year was with Delta. However, I am thankful for markets and the ability to spot trends and excel at trading, without it I may have been dead in the water in 2021. Instead, I am able to pay off my home from a few jpeg bets:

As I turn 40 this upcoming year and finally push over the hill. My advice to anyone just learning to trade: there are no shortcuts. The only way to truly learn is from experience. A mentor can help, but until you master yourself and your emotions, you will never be able to make a living as a trader. Unfortunately, playing this game unexperienced will lead to losses, so you will have to incur many losses but have the mentality to fight through it to gain the experience.

I could have given up 100 times. Instead, as I sit here and pen this blog on Christmas day, I’m speechless as I find myself in the best financial position of my life. Merry Christmas to you guys and thank you 9x9x9 for being the hero that we needed in a world full of corruption & greed.

Cheers to 2022!

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Twitter Still Very Much On My Radar

TWTR is going to be one of the leaders in WEB 3.0, if not THE leader. It’s ashame twitter didn’t change there name to MetaTwits, their market cap could have doubled on that news. Regardless, it is an opportunity with the stock trading under $50/share in the greatest bull market to ever exist. I’ve had many traders hit me up through direct message or even inside The Pelican Room, which is our chat room inside Stocklabs, asking about my position in twitter.

The answer is the same, I’m a buyer on the dip versus a seller. Indeud, Twitter is showing signs of a bottom into the great Turkey feast.

I am long WEB 3, I am long TWTR.

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Tesla Just Won’t Die

$TSLA is once again on our high volume scan showing the EV world once again who is king. My question though, with Elon selling a few tranches of TSLA stock, who is buying up here? Shorts continued to get fried….


TSLA does not interest me at a trillion dollar valuation. But, I noticed $RMO back on scan this morning. This EV related name has been beat to a pulp while the rest of the industry levitates, and I’m in for a quick trade here– all noted realtime in Stocklabs. Let’s see if we can get some juice here:

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Earnings Breakouts

Today’s scan is lighting up with some big movers on big earnings beats. It’s not often we see a names like $HD on a high volume scan, but this is exactly what we have today, along with LOW.

Besides those two rockets, $RKLB also had a nice quarter and is setting up for a move up and to the right:


Here is your morning scan: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

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Social Media and The Metaverse Collide

Social media has found it’s footing to start the week with $FB, $TWTR, & $SNAP all on our top rated scan in Stocklabs. I’ve had a number of successful trades in FB as of late as it appears the rebranding to the metaverse has been a positive. $MTTR, another metaverse play that needs to be on your radar, is also breaking out this morning. Here is your Monday morning scan:

For the full screen, here is the import dump to finviz: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

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