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Top Ranked Stocks As 2020 Begins

As the first weekend of the new year kicks off, let’s take a look at the top rated stocks as we enter the year 2020. The following list of stocks comes straight from our algorithm inside Exodus. Each stock has a respective score attached to it, a financial score, a score based on the company’s financial health, and a technical score, a score based on technical chart patterns. When you combine these two scores, it basically spits out a hybrid score. The following names have the highest hybrid score coming into the new decade.

Please Note: There is also a subrosa score that comes into the mix which factors in other variables, such as the price of oil, etc. With tensions high with Iran, and oil spiking, it’s no surprise to see a bunch of oil related names on this week’s screen.

Note II: The results below are sorted by average daily volume, NOT the actual ranking. To view the actual ranking, the official screen for members can be found & saved HERE.


Good luck to all in 2020. Here is the link to the 2020 stock of the year contest. @Jungle is in the lead with $BILI.


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Stocks Start New Decade With A Bang

2020 starts with fireworks, especially in Chinese related names. $BIDU is the standout, a name we highlighted here over the last month. Sadly, I closed out my position before the turn of the decade. $BILI, is another standout today, and a name that @Jungle picked as her stock of the year. I believe she starts the year in first place with here pick, CLICK HERE FOR CONTEST UPDATE.

Also, if I missed anyone’s pick for the stock of the year contest, feel free to let me know. I had tickers coming at me from 4 different sites.

As for today’s momentum scan, here it is in all it’s glory: CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS.

Let’s see if the momentum carries on into the first full week of the year, or if we reverse lower, stopping out early 2020 investors. Always be on guard for the reversal, especially as we start the new year. Developing….

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Here Are Your Current Picks For 2020

Here’s a look at the picks so far for the 2020 Stock of The Year Contest. It looks like most are going for the home run as many have picked a name just above $5. I, too, went for more of a lottery type play with my pick in $NVTA. It’s one of those high risk/ high reward type plays. The Fly appears to have went back to his roots picking $MNST for the contest. Here’s a look so far at the picks


There’s still plenty time to enter in this year’s contest, you may enter your pick for 2020 HERE.

Happy New Years All!

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What Is Your Stock Of The Year For 2020?

Is that time of year again. It’s time for another stock picking contest from iBankCoin. Go ahead and list your stock of the year for 2020 in the comment section. The pick with the highest percentage gain will win one of our famous iBC trophies, a coffee mug.

The rules, the stock must be over $5, and no ETFs.

My stock of the year for 2019 was $SNAP, and tripled in 2019. This upcoming year I’m a little less confident on stocks in general and still find myself trying to finalize a pick. My gut says short a name like $SHOP for this contest, but who knows. I’ll list mine shortly.

What is your top pick for 2020? List below in the comment section.

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Here is a top tier chart setup to watch as we end the year. I will be buying on further strength. That is all.

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Took Profits in Oil; Will Revisit in 2020

I sold my swings in oil, booking monster gains in $SLB & $APA as we end the year. You got to buy them when no one else wants them. See my post HERE.

In other news, I am gearing up for another stock of the year contest for 2020, so get your picks ready. $SNAP was my 2019 stock of the year and had a phenomenal run, up just about 300% for the year. I can only hope my next pick is as good.

As for new trades here: Enjoy your family. The market is fat and looking like a slob. Don’t get greedy.

Merry Christmas all!


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