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$RBLX is on the move this morning breaking some key levels on the charts. There is a nice volume pocket above that could suck this stock higher, closer to $60-$70. But, for now let’s enjoy the above average volume day, and fill the gap to the upside.

Long $RBLX 

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LYFT is back at on scan this morning, and was on top of the watchlist coming into the week (see last post). $NIO also made it to scan this morning and i bought a bunch of calls based on the technicals. The $RIGbros are currently witnessing a massive breakout, that could just be getting started.  And, $CVNA — GG to the short sellers.

Good luck trading today fells:

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Big Turn For Oil Stocks

Going through my weekend scans this morning its clear to note that oil and gas names captured the momentum Friday. $SLB had a monster breakout as did many within the oil equipment and services industry. $EOG, a premier integrated, also looks poised to run here if oil continues it’s turn into hurricane season.


Other than the oil and gas, here are two names from scan I’ll be watching this week: $PDD & $LYFT. For those interested in the weekend momentum scan, it can be found HERE

Have a good weekend all!

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$BABA Breakout or Fakeout?

$BABA was early on scan this morning and has yet to leave the infamous Stocklabs scan. China in general is strong with $JD also on scan. Is China just getting starting here?

$JD is showing signs of a bottom and $BABA showing signs of a significant breakout. Just when you think we can’t go higher, China decides to join the party:


Other big movers today include: $SLB, $SQ, & $RIG. Good luck trading today fellas:

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$META is on the move this morning, and is having one hell of a year. The stock is flashing non-stop on scan this morning as the new Thread app is rolling out tomorrow. Even with the crazy accent in stock price, META is still cheap on a valuation basis. Will Threads have what it takes to take share from Twitter? I guess it really is Zuckerberg vs Musk.

Here’s an early look at a few movers this morning…. $META looks like a slam dunk to 300+, and I also like what $GOOGL is doing– bought calls. Good luck trading today fellas….

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Saturday Morning Charts

Bringing back the momentum and the charts this Saturday morning as I sip this cold energy drink from my sunroom. I normally sip coffee in my sunroom, but the temperature is over 100 degrees and its now July, I needed something cold.

Taking a quick glance at the Momentum Delta scan in Stocklabs, here are a few charts that I will be watching this upcoming week:

CLICK HERE FOR FULL SCAN, courtesy of Stocklabs

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