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The U.S. Imposes Sanctions Upon Russia and Ukraine

“A former US Senate foreign policy analyst describes Washington’s decision to impose sanctions on a number of Russian and Ukrainian individuals as a “dangerous” move which can only “turn up the heat” with regard to the crisis in Ukraine.

“I think that there is a fundamental choice in front of the United States and Europe in dealing with the crisis in Ukraine. It really boils down to: Do we try to find a political solution that would reconcile the different parts of Ukraine with one another?” asked James Jatras in an interview with Press TV on Thursday.

US President Barack Obama signed an executive order on Thursday imposing a ban on visas and property of individuals whom the United States accuses of violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

The US restrictions come after the local administration of Ukraine’s strategic Crimea region called for a referendum on March 16 in order to decide whether the autonomous region should join Russia or not…..”

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