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Manpower Says Employers Plan on Hiring the Most Workers Since 2008

“NEW YORK (Reuters) – More employers in the United States plan to hire workers next quarter than in any period since the fourth quarter of 2008, according to a survey by Manpower Group, the global employment services giant.

Manpower’s quarterly survey released Tuesday found most employers around the globe were uncertain about hiring more workers in the July through September period given tepid consumer demand. There were certain bright spots, however, with employers in the United States and some parts of Europe feeling cautiously optimistic.

“If you look at it from a global perspective, the overall feeling is that there are definitely challenges,” said Manpower’s CEO Jeff Joerres. But he said employers are more optimistic than in past months about global economic prospects.

Manpower, which surveyed 42 economies, found that employers in 31 countries and territories planned to hire next quarter. Hiring intentions strengthened in 17 economies, including Spain, Greece and the United States, compared to the previous quarter.

Hiring intentions remained unchanged in four economies and weakened in 21, including France, China and India….”

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