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Occupy Detroit impeded by cold, rainy weather

The 100 or so assholes camped out in the middle of a Detroit park (ironically dedicated to and adourned with the statues of business men who would be ashamed to live here nowadays) have thankfully had to suffer some of the most miserable, rainy October weather imaginable, up to now.

May the plagues against them continue…

Read here:

The past week’s weather hasn’t always been conducive to their cause, with rainy days and cold temperatures, but members of the Occupy Detroit movement say they’re undeterred and will stay the course at their encampment in Grand Circus Park downtown.

“We’re still basically a work in progress, but I continue to remain wildly optimistic about what we’re accomplishing here,” Sarah Coffey, 38, one of the volunteers in charge of organizing the group’s informational meetings, said late Sunday afternoon.

“In order for us to transform society, we have to bridge the differences between the races and classes. And when you stop to think about it, is there any better spot to begin than in Detroit?”

Ann Arbor residents Marcia Mai, 59, and Bob Davis, 87, said they came downtown to observe what was happening.

“We’re here to show some solidarity with the young people, and it’s great to see they’re actually doing something about the gross inequalities that exist in the country,” said Mai, who said she did her share of protesting during the 1970s.

“I’m encouraged because people are here and they plan to remain for the long term,” Mai said. “And why not? Their future has been impacted by a loss of jobs and homes, and the fact that they’re committed to being here is very moving to see.”

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