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Mess With the Bull; You Get the Horns

This was good. “The Fly” was a very happy camper, despite never going camping, as all of his positions, with the exception of MVIS, shot the bears–then rolled on them.

I know the bears will try to make the “hedge funds will sell due to redemptions” argument, but it holds little water.

Days like today serve as lessons to never sell short, into extreme weakness.

It’s easy to make the bear argument, discount stocks for dead, and be a miserable fuck.

It’s hard to buy VMW down 11, knowing that shit will sprint higher, as soon as investors grab their marbles.

Barring “another big shoe to drop,” I think the bottom is in; feel free to get drunk and start buying stocks again.

Starting tomorrow, my buy list includes VMI, BWLD, CLX, CN, FMCN, VMW and CFC.

Yes, CFC.

In short, it’s good to see green again, much to the shorts chagrin.

NOTE: XFML‘s numbers look good, thus far.

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Fuck You Shorts; You’re Dead

I’m going to play devils advocate for a “v-shaped recovery,” albeit only on the internets.

Look you, the short interest ratio’s are through the roof. Everyone from NYC to Kalamazoo is buying inverse ETF’s, hoping for swift, yet certain, armageddon.

Let’s consider a few things:

-Banks will likely write off whatever they can, from now until 12/31/07, in order to preserve their PE ratio’s for 2008, if possible.

-Many stocks are way oversold and are due for a bounce.

-Greasy turkey leg day is near, typically a great time to be long.

-For the most part, the economy is doing well.

In short, there is a very good chance we will never go below 13,000 DOW, ever– providing the bulls man up and put the hot blade to the shorts.

As you already know, “The Fly” is not calling for a “v-shaped recovery” yet. However, it’s worth mentioning, betting against highly caffeinated, well tanned, bulls has been of heck of a bad bet, consistently, over the past 5 years.

NOTE: With oil tanking, stocks have a catalyst to run, especially retail.

NOTE II: I feel tomorrow is a key day for the near term direction of the market. Should the bulls mount another rally, the shorts are indeed dead.

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Kill The Bear-Shitters!

For some reason they (bearshitters) think they will get away with this shit. You know, the “fuck the bulls during Thanksgiving” routine, via short sales.

While it’s true, our wonderful bankers gave them something to chew on; the market is still cheap–historically.

Like I said before, the best way to play this bounce is through the beaten down winners.

Having a touch of the “battered wife syndrome,” “The Fly” will excuse himself from any further dip buying. Instead, he will look to take some stock off the table, when appropriate, in order to preserve mental health.

However, if I were in cash, I’d buy VMI, GRMN, LZ, BWLD, GLF, CN, FMCN, RS and RIMM with both hands.

Additionally, it’s worth noting, what’s good for WMT should bode well for TGT. I think that fucker is cheap here.

I’ll have you know, TGT is a core position of Mrs. Fly.

Finally, understand that this is merely a relief rally and does not mean we will mud stomp the bears–from now until turkey day.

All I’m saying is: “kill the bear-shitters,” if only for one day.

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Position Updates: XFML

No need to give an opinion.

Just know, today, after the close, the company will report earnings.

Meaning: there is a good probability the stock will get the shit kicked out of it.

The popular phrase “driving a car made of dynamite sticks to the sun” applies.

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Charts Are For Asshats

I know many of you “low-enders” love to look at squiggly lines and predict the future, by using your fucking ruler and #2 pencil.

However, deep down, you know as well as I, charts are for asshats–especially during corrections.

Meaning: everything, with the exception of select consumer staple stocks, like CLX, PG and UN, went down in a convoy. There was no distinction between crap or non-crap. It’s all crap.

Corrections are the ‘great equalizers.’ It sets everyone back to square one (some closer than others), giving you the opportunity to outperform your asshole friends– on the next leg up.

Don’t try to out think the market or get fucking fancy with seemingly ‘undervalued’ picks. Everything is cheap you stupid bastard.

That’s why it makes sense to burn your charting software to a cinder– and buy what works.

Prior to this recent nut cracking, GRMN, VMW, FXI, AAPL, RIMM, POT, MA, MON and GS worked.

My guess, on a bouncy bounce, they will work again.

The kicker, following the upcoming bounce, you may have to do a little research, in order to decide what stocks will lead the market higher– longer term.

We’ll cross that stupid fucking bridge when we get there.

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No, This Time We’re Really Going Higher


Hey, most stocks are bid up sharply this morning, as the bulls say “fuck it,” and give it the “ol’ college try.”

Stocks like VMW, RIMM and AAPL are running higher, following the best, yet bewildering, “fuck you, you’re dead longs” tape, year-to-date.

As you know, the geriatric fuckers who sell stocks short will likely attempt to cane “The Fly” to death, sometime late in the day, via “buttloads” of random short sales.

However, this time I’ll be ready for them, as I sharpen this here blade and set a few traps near usual “old fucker” killing zones (stair cases).


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