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Fly Buy: CN

I bought 2,000 CN @ $61.90.

Disclaimer: If you buy CN because of this post, you neighbors will accuse you of being a communist. And, you may lose money.

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Bears Get Rolled On

I can feel the melt up coming. Not only do we have all the right sectors working this morning; but we have deals too.

Fuck this.

If you are stupid enough to hold shorts; you deserve coal bricks for Christmas. Trust “The Fly,” he’s much smarter than you.

As usual, solar related names are on rocket fuel to he moon, with gains in SOLF, JASO, LDK, CSIQ, CSUN and ESLR.

Also, the agriculture sector is gapping higher, which happens to be iBankCoin’s sector spotlight (see front page charts), led by MOS, MON, VMI, ARTW, POT and TNH.

Finally, I can’t ignore the recent price action in MVIS. Clearly, the stock has upward momentum, going into CES. Again, my sources tell me the company will impress at CES, leading to greater demand for its shares.

Many of you email or leave comments for “The Fly,” regarding your bullshit/pedestrian MVIS positions. Don’t do that. “The Fly” is too busy with worldly affairs & stuff, than to take time out of his day to help a few monkeys find bananas.

With my money, I will add to my MVIS, VMI, ACF, GLF and RS positions.

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The Deals are Back

Now the bears are really screwed. For awhile, they were free to roam around, selling short without worrying about premium takeovers.

However, all of a sudden, the “wheel barrow” dollar is encouraging foreign companies to take down U.S. assets.

As you know, recently, ATVI, CBH and GLYT have been bought out by foreign companies, much to the bears chagrin. Now, this morning, three more premium deals were announced. Plus, don’t forget the C deal.

ARXT is being bought out by Reckitt Benckiser. MOGN is being acquired by Eisai. And, PLTE is being swallowed whole by Evraz.

Look, most of you have the brain power of a small donkey. Therefore, explaining the intricacies of these deals is somewhat meaningless.

Just know, as of now, there is a bid underneath the market.

Great time to go “open field” on the bears—and light their heads aflame.

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The Important Matter of Do it Yourself Plumbing

Prior to reading this important matter, please play the audio clip, located at the bottom of the page.

As you know, “The Fly” has never claimed to be handy. He finds it much easier hiring illegal Mexicans to fix stuff around the house.

However, once upon a time, Mrs. Fly demanded “The Fly” fix the bathroom shower head, which happened to be on the 2nd floor—directly above the living room.

Not knowing dick from a doorknob about plumbing, “The Fly” proceeded to “wrench” that “stupid shower head” off. It was quite cumbersome. The fucker wouldn’t budge, until he gave it a whack with the heavy part of his Godly wrench.

Much to “The Fly’s” chagrin, what followed the “wrench whacking” was nothing short of an “intra-house” disaster.

See, being too busy with important topics, such as kit-kat versus peanut butter cups, jam versus jelly and plasma versus LCD, “The Fly” neglected to shut off the water main.

Next, the water head busted off and his bathroom instantly became a fucking fish tank, with “The Fly” as its only occupant. He screamed for his wife to come “help,” while he was trying to salvage what little of the house was left, via bucketing freezing water out of the tub— into the nearby toilet bowl.

There was no stopping the flood. The tub was overflowing, profusely.

It was a race against insanity— with “The Fly” losing badly.

Then, I asked Mrs. Fly to “take over,” while I tried to locate and shut off the water main.



I had no idea where it was, mainly due to just purchasing the house— 6 months prior.

In short, “The Fly” was forced to call the fire department, in order to rescue his fucking house from floating into the Atlantic Ocean.

The water was firing out of the shower head like a fucking dam wall had just been breached. By the time the firemen had arrived, it was raining in my living room, all over my “high-end” living area.

When the “comedy time” in “The Fly’s” 2nd floor bathroom had ceased, the damage was profound.

All in all, I had to replace the ceiling, 10 high hats, expensive as shit area rugs, couches, lamps and brand fucking new 2nd floor bathroom—for a grand total of: much more than most of you could afford.

At the end of the day, ironically, Mrs. Fly was quite pleased with my work, considering all the new crap I had to buy.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbjItiPRmeY 450 300]

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Santa Claus Rocks

Well, there really isn’t much to say. Short term, the bears are in trouble, as short interest ratios remain at record levels—going into the best time of year to own stocks.

Should the Fed cut by 50bps, their (bears) heads will be laser beamed off. However, I fear, should the Fed get all gay and shit, via a 25bps cut, accompanied with more inflation jargon, the end of year rally may stall.

Without doubt, Santa Claus has saved “The Fly,” and many of you. Be thankful for this rally and milk it for as long as you can.

However, I suspect, within a month, the credit issues will reemerge, effectively setting aflame those who like “bottom fishing” in financial stocks.

Over the weekend, I will evaluate, stock by stock, to determine what stays and what goes.

It makes sense to lighten up here, buy a little FXP and drink expensive bourbon, while throwing firecrackers into the lit fireplace.

Top pick: RS

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Fly Buy: MOO

I bought 1,000 MOO @ $53.73.

Disclaimer: If you buy MOO because of this post, the looming food shortage will leave you without yellow tail fish. And, you may lose money.

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Position Update: MVIS

“The Fly” is giving the internet investor class, however small it may be, a green light to buy MVIS.

According to my “calculator brain,” MVIS should “run” until the first week of January, starting yesterday.

It’s been awhile since I’ve felt this confident with the stock.

The risk/reward ratio is definitely in favor of MVIS longs here. I anticipate to book more stock, early next week.

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Potatoes and Doughnuts

This trading session is all but over.

The bears, once again, have been eviscerated, unable to mount a raid.

However, there is marked weakness in select financial names, like ACF, CFC and FMD.

Additionally, the MVIS rally has failed, once again, and is in danger of pissing off all of its shareholders—sometime today.

Instead of sitting at your bullshit desk from staples, go eat some deep fried potatoes, with a side order of doughnuts. There is nothing to see or do here, until next week.

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