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The Naz looks poised to advance by 2% today, giving the bulls an early Christmas present, by the way.

As you know, [[RIMM]] will be posting quarterly numbers tonight. As you know, I am long the bitch from $18-101. It is one of my biggest positions and take pride in the fact that I’ve held it for the duration of its recent run.

However, I’m somewhat concerned by the recent price action, grossly underperforming other tech bellweathers, like [[AAPL]].

In short, the business is firing on all cylinders. The enterprise business is smoking hot, but may cool if the job market softens. They are poised to enter China, sometime in 2008, but face new competition from AAPL.

With my position, I am doing nada-thing. Should the numbers and guidance go gangster, the stock will be back to $130, in no time. On a bad number, RIMM goes to $85.

In other words, trading RIMM here is “garbagio,” a fancy type of garbage or bullshit.

Stay away, both long and shorts, if you like money.

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Position Updates: SKF, FXP

Many of you buy double inverse ETF’s, without knowing the components. Again, work smart you fucking faggots (no offense to gay guys), not hard.

Here are the top 10 holdings for both [[FXP]] and [[SKF]], with leverage adjusted weightings:





[[ICBAF]]– 12.2%


















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Milk the Farmer; RPG the Scottrade Helicopter

Don’t expect “The Fly” to work hard, especially at the end of the year. I always say: “I don’t work hard. I work smart.” As you know, working hard is for “illegal Mexicans” or mid-level executives.

[[BSC]] posted a bomb, while [[LNN]] scored a goal, then hit the bears with a puck to the teeth for good measure.

With LNN through the roof, on its way to a hundo, go long [[VMI]].

NOTE: The following ag stocks are on fire: [[LNN]], [[CNH]], [[CF]], [[TNH]], [[VMI]], [[TITN]], [[AGU]], [[MOS]], [[POT]], [[ADM]], [[MOO]] and [[AGU]] [[BWLD]] is eating bullets, thanks to the toolboxes at [[JPM]], initiating coverage with a homo-hammer.

Sometime soon, I will be posting a summary of my trading year: what went right/wrong. Being up 15%+ is a major disappointment for me, considering I was up more than 45% in May. There are specific reasons as to why research got sloppy and “The Fly” got lit up, on certain names.

More on that later.

For now, I’m trying to refocus my efforts on establishing an investment theme for 2008. However, since I’m bearish, it is difficult.

If I was putting together a portfolio today, using fresh money (as opposed to old money), I’d buy [[VMI]], [[RIG]], [[CLX]], [[MVIS]] (for a trade), [[FXP]] and [[SKF]].

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Fly Goes to Wal-mart

Believe it or not, tonight was my first, and last, time visiting the shitbox called Wal-Mart.

The reviews are in:

Mrs. Fly: “This place is just awful, awful…I felt like suffocating. I just wanted to get out of there.”

“TheFly”: Wow, Cramer was right. This place does suck. It has the look and feel of Government. A ghetto it is, I tell you.”

Fly kids: “Ooh, ooh, can I get that Daddy?”

NOTE: It’s official. The iBankCoin dictionary, volume 1, has been published. Any suggestions will be greatly ignored, as always.

Thank you.

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Fly & Bears

First of all, go fuck yourselves, dumb bearshitters. Just because “The Fly” doesn’t incessantly espouse armageddon jargon, doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

Relax you stupid fucks; we’re currently aligned (Fly & Bears) and happily going lower.

With regards to [[MVIS]]:

Anyone talking shit about my staying power in the name should go fuck himself too. I don’t need to “hang on” to bullshit small cappers. I’ll be more than happy to blow this puppy out, sometime soon.

After the close, [[ORCL]] posted a blowout number. Good, I own it.

Finally, if a shotgun were put to my head, in order to extract one stock pick, I’d say: “shoot me Sir if you must, but before you do, go long [[EEV]].”

NOTE: I am not feeling all that confident on [[RIMM]] right now. The way the stock is trading, I’d avoid adding to the name, until after earnings.

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Santa Claus Fires a Missile

This rally looks sustainable, at least for today.

However, I’m not content with selling into it, for fear of missing out on a late year run—despite my bearish disposition.

All I’m really focused on is the doings over at [[MVIS]]. Looking back on 2007, my biggest error was holding onto my position, as the stock slowly boiled me. The key tell for the stock, as always, is when the CFO sold stock—in the $4.70’s. Ever since then, the confidence most investors had in management vanished, like the bonuses at [[MS]].

Basically, I made the grave error of being a true believer, emotionally attached to the stock (always a bad idea).

However, with that being said, there is still a chance the company regain the confidence of its investors, via CES.

What I want to see is a device that is market ready. If the company can do that, I will shut the fuck up and become a quiet shareholder. If not, I’m out.

If I were looking to put money to work now, I’d go long [[VMI]], [[CN]] and [[LFT]].

I do not expect to make much coin in my bear positions this week. The purpose of holding them is for hedging reasons, not greed.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOW-TIUrl3k&feature=related 450 300]

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Everybody Shutup, Pay Attention

“The Fly” just got back from meetings. While in his car, he noticed how fucktardedly annoying the guys from Bloomberg radio are, with their whining bitch-like commentary. Someone needs to step into their office and throw some testosterone on them. Or, better yet, punch their fucking chest hairs off.

What the fuck?

Don’t expect the market to do much, until early 2008. Most intelligent people, like me, are done for the year. As you know, options expire this week . Because of this, I am hoping for death and destruction to afflict banking related names.

It would be nice to see them (the banks) boarded up and shit, with graffiti spray painted over the respective logos of [[C]], [[WM]] and [[CFC]].

That would be entirely “unfun” for many of you true believers.

Looking at my long positions, [[WBD]], [[HANS]], [[CN]], [[FMCN]] and [[VMI]] are working, while [[BWLD]], [[FXP]] and [[AAPL]] take a breather.

With new money, I will buy more FXP.

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Morgan Blows

Did [[MS]] just report a loss of $3.61, or am I still dreaming?

Let me know.

Also, [[HOV]] and other housing related names look gay. In my dream, they all exploded, in a bad way, much to the chagrin of low-end construction workers.


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