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Stop Buying Weak Stocks

Part of the reason why people miss out on gains is because they’re always chasing “the next $NVDA”, which more than likely blows up in disaster because there is no “next $NVDA.” I made this error innumerable times throughout my career and the reason why I created The PPT, then Exodus, and now Stocklabs is to rank stocks by fundamentals and technicals in order to save time, not needing to sift through charts.

It’s 2024 and if you’re still sifting through charts, you’re a son of a bitch.

A great man once said ‘things in motion tend to stay in motion.”

Here are the strongest stocks inside Stocklabs using our technical indicators on a daily, 1m, 3m, 6m, and 1yr basis. In other words, there are no stocks stronger than these. Also, I sorted by market cap to provide the best tera and mega cap stocks for your perusal.

Does it work? Yes you fucking morons. I have only used these tools for my investments dating back to 2008. Those of you who’ve followed me since then understand the level I am on and the level everyone else meanders.

For members of the military: Happy Memorial Day.

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