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$NVDA has been the darling of Wall Street for several years now; but we’re reaching the point where its market cap will officially pass both $AAPL and $MSFT. As of right now Microsoft is at $3.2t, Apple $2.93t, and Nvidia $2.83t.

It wasn’t too long ago when Apple passed a trillion for the first time any company attained such a valuation, now we have a bunch of them. Say what you want about $NVDA, but the company is crushing on all metrics, generating in excess of $10b in FCF per quarter.

Yes it’s over valued and yes when it crashes people are going to cry and shit their pants. But you have to understand why it’s happening before you cast aspersions and I think it has a lot to do with the velocity of money, carry trades, FOREX arbs, finding safe havens etc.

In the year 2024, America is as gay as its ever been. Societal collapse seems like a foregone conclusion. However, we are rich than ever, paper wise, and the system is creating bubbles in anything good and hegemonic. The valuations aren’t blown out of proportion for companies who have competitors, only monopolies.

When does it end?

I used to really think about this question; but I think it’s fair to assume ‘it will never end’, which for me is a worst case scenario. I like to under promise and overachieve. In this specific matter, the US globohomo hegemony of rainbow flag waiving demons: assume it will persist during our entire lifetimes and get inexorably worse, with people transmorphing into animals and defecating in the streets of San Fran Fucking Sisco because they’re fucking dogs. You will live long enough to see these people bite mailmen because that’s what dogs ought to do.

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