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Weird Bullish Tape

Markets are up but it’s sort of a weird bullish tape, with outsized movers in commodity related stocks. Many of the tech stocks, like the semis, are weak with losses in $ARM $IBM $SMCI amongst others. In between some of these earnings blowups, the tape isn’t accommodative to buy and holders who just want to make some money without having to worry or doing anything.

What I mean by that is, $SHOP collapsed on their earnings but one of their companies $KVYO surged ahead on theirs. Trying to make sense of this will drive you insane and the making macro sense of these things is a fool’s errand. We are largely driven by liquidity and Americans have over $130 trillion in savings, swashbuckling in the markets creating tidal waves in its stead. The idea that this spigot is going to be turned off and as a result cause markets to crash is ridiculous.

Often times I am maligned by people in the comments because they’re bearish and they’ll get mad when I am bullish. For the millionth time, there has never been a day when I woke up and thought “Gee, I hope this market keeps going higher. America deserves it.” Since I was a young boy I wanted the market to crash and will keep these wishes deeply embedded into my heart and soul until the day I die. No one is more bearish than me, but we have to face hard facts and the one indelible hard fact is: markets are rigged to trade higher.

I am using training wheels for my trading account today, up just 41bps because I am in lower beta conservative stock. I need to find a groove before heading out there into the rough waters in search of tuna. Let me snap up some smaller fish first, build my confidence up, and then I’ll increase my alpha.

And for those of you who have a hard time dealing with anything that I say: SHUT THE FUCK UP. I don’t care what you think, but do appreciate your patronage and would very much like if you kept reading. Perhaps tell your friends and families to read too, but with a caveat that they should SHUT UP if they have anything negative to say at all. I’d much rather prefer if you only say positive things to me, as I like to read those things much more than the opposite.

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