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Next Week = DOOM

I closed the session at the highs, +62bps — topping off yet another week of success, gaining more than 3.5% — pushing my gains for 2024 to 9.1%. Whilst you pretend to be good art trading, I am actually great. It’s important to know thyself and do not fool oneself into tasks that are above your mental acuity.

I delegate things all the time and only partake, if you will, in tasks that I an exceedingly good at — which covers a great numbers of areas as I am an authentic polymath.

It should be noted — $SMCI is now the $IWM — constituting the direction of the index to such a degree that it is beholden to the stock for its performance. Today’s pin action in $SMCI was a classic blow off top. We now EAGERLY await a waterfall of sellers, as Johnny Come Latelies get flummoxed and trapped inside the Brazen Bull and summarily executed for wanton greed.

Lists have been made and all will pay dearly.

I closed for the weekend with a pastiche of LOW BETA stocks, hedged with 12% weighing in $TZA and $SQQQ — 47% cash. I do not know what else to tell you, a person such as myself accelerating into turmoil — seeing it all — whilst you blindly get bogged down heavily with losses due to beta cuck trading habits.

Do yourselves a favour — buy yourselves a membership to Stocklabs and BEHOLD the glory of “The Fly” trading in real time and providing his people with an abundance of fish, nourishing the people with provisions that will last a lifetime, if not more.

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  1. rigged game

    Nobody gives a shit about how may basis points you made
    in your quant or trading account today, last week, or last year
    using your ludicrous frenetic trading methods which are of
    ZERO value to your readers.

    They come here to read your opinions of the market direction
    over the medium and long term, and to enjoy your prose.

    So spare us the tedium of reading about your gains and losses
    and stick to your market opinion and enjoyable writing.

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  2. ho_chi_min

    nigga u short ?

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