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Take the Blue Pill — Buy the Rigged Market

Oh you think it’s bad for $SMCI to go from $300 to $1,000 in a few weeks based off an earnings beat and prospects for the futures or $NVDA surpassing Google and Amazon as America’s 3rd most valuable company? That’s because you’re a racist and a nazi. Don’t question all of the put sellers and gamma squeezes taking place in the market, lest Business Insider might run an article about you and publish your name and address for the world to see. It’s simply transphobic and sexist of you to not like stocks up here and the suggestion that America’s $34 trillion in debt is a hindrance to future generations is, quite honestly, xenophobic.

We have aggressive lesbians operating the market now, with feminine energy times 1,000. Nothing is as it seems. Germany, the UK and Japan are all in recessions now, yet no one cares.

Listen to me —

If you were to only live your lives predicated by what is just and moral — you will end up dying a lonely and sad life. The great turn or revolt isn’t going to occur in our lifetimes. We are trapped in this power structure for several more decades to go, if not more — because no one is crazy enough to engage with industrial war against America.

The leaders have converted the nationalistic Americana into an economic zone which comprises of bringing in as many people as possible in order to drive down wages, increase consumption, and the pool of available men for a future war against China. The patriotic fervor you once possessed is toxic to the occupying force because they’re globalists, like locusts moving around in packs taking all nutrients and things of worth from the land they cross over. They’d gladly sell you out for China — but China is nationalistic and doesn’t want to commingle their Chinese society with Africans or Middle Easterners — who only migrate abroad due to the wars in their region.

I am digressing.

I am back in the tape, 35% cash, +185bps — STEAMING headlong into the parade fixed with rainbow outergarments, singing the Black National Anthem.

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