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The Fly Stands Imperial At Recourd Highs

After the close, $TTD shattered estimates, providing me with another +125bps in gains on top of the regular session gain of +206bps.

(pregnant pause)

I am a blunt instrument of financial success — an engine, if you will, that never ceases and increases in both power and accuracy. My limitations are bound by only access to capital — a familiar story sung by many birds of the centuries.

“This Fly guy must be full of shit” some of you most likely ponder, as I would the same in your position — destitute and bedraggled — both fat and bald, slow — very sad.

We all have a story, goals and aspirations rooted by our genetic make up and the world shaped around us — none as interesting as mine. BEHOLD a man who never lost and will never lose in the stock exchange — who spends his idle time sowing discord and partaking in an abundance of menial tasks desginated for him via a certain and estimable Mrs. Fly.

Ladies and Gentlemen —

I stand before you once again, imperial, at recourd highs — +979bps for the year — filled with angst and rage — steaming straight ahead in a car without brakes or desire to ever slow the rapididty of my pace.

See you catamites tomorrow.

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