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As soon as the market opened I panicked and closed out my shorts. The rates are down and my semis are flying. I don’t see any near term benefit for being obstinate about it all. I know just yesterday I was the biggest bear on the planet, sent here directly to destroy the stock exchange. But today I am just an ordinary bull who happens to also be long shares of $RUM and hating it — off by 5.5% for the session. I knew I should’ve sold it when I could; but I liked the whole idea of “BASED MEDIA” which is probably more likely to go to ZERO and completely shut down than thrive.

The simple fact of the matter is — the right wingers are mostly without money, poor, and haven’t any money to finance project like the tech rich left. The paradigm of wealth has shifted dramatically over the past 30 years and all of the money and influence is now embedded with the government friendly NATO loving libtard left.

Because of my ideologies, I am down 70bps for the session, still bedraggled lower by shares of $RUM, which I really hate right now but hold on only because of my stubbornness. That is likely not to last long.

In summary, I became a bear too soon and have since TRANSITIONED BACK to a bull, fitting in with everyone else — buying tech stocks and rooting for the bad guys.

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