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Dissident Right Trade into a Trump Victory

Back when Romney was trying to defeat the anointed one — a layup trade based upon the whims of the polls was coal. The “clean coal” fad was in full swing and Romney made promises to keep churning out the black in spite of ecological risks. I vividly recall banking coin in that trade.

During every election cycle there are pro democrat and pro republican platforms that move in sync with polls. Barreling into the 2024 elections, censorship and government bootlicking is on the menu — with Google as the elitist incumbent drawing in all of the ad dollars from trans-aggressive corporations like $TGT and $LMT and the dissident right upholding the tenets of absolute speech bleeding out losses in companies like $RUM.

I cannot think of a higher beta play than $RUM, especially since the censorship of social media, including X, is pervasive and contrary to the spirit of a free republic. The idea that some blue haired lesbian should be able to dictate what is permissible to be monetized or seen by the masses is exactly where Youtube is now and every single person on the left is on board with that — because freedom of thought and ideas is dangerous to their world views.

Logic does not exist on the hard left, only feelings and sentiments conjured up in fairytale book fashion — fixed by the bubble they live in — denizens of ill repute — crowded cities filled with the very worst people ever born.

Both $DWAC and $RUM are, perhaps, the only plays for free speech this election cycle. I am long $RUM.

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