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My last post, dubbed “The Semis Will Go Up Forever” was the actual top in this cycle. It was a half serious blog painting a wondrous picture of gay giraffes prancing about the migrant adorned American landscape amidst honeysuckle vines and cotton candy clouds — grass as green as dollars.

Throughout the session, I wobbled and weaved and eventually came to terms with who I really was: a permanent BEAR– sent to Earth to destroy the stock exchange and western finance as we know it today. I heaved into $TZA and $UVIX with alacrity, paired wonderfully with my semi longs and my declarative statement of truth and freedom via my $RUM position.

I can only hope for the eventual collapse of the NASDAQ, sparing only shares of $RUM — a dissident video platform of banned YouTubers broadcasting live their illegal viewpoints about how things are and how they ought to be.

I closed the session DOWN 10bps, a mere pinprick in a tape dreadfully malevolent and difficult to trade. I am now NET SHORT to the tune of 30% of assets with my dearest hopes pinned on the idea, but not limited to, a cracking of the stock market — reflective of the times we’re in and an important statement as to the wrongful direction we’re heading.

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