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Anyone Want to Get Long Freedom?

BIG tech is the preferred conduit for the pro-censorship bureau of truth that rules dominion over all western governments. We often hear about Chinese social scores and how oppressive they are, subjugating their people to wild ideas such as family, honor, and other conservative ideals. Yet here at home you cannot say anything untoward the elite and the rules always change and there is never fair warnings — just punishment. They lure you into their ghettos and then they judge you. Once you cross their lines, they punish you via “demonetization”, declaring “hate speech” to be undesirable.

Meanwhile, in the real world — hate speech is exactly what drives humanity forward. One way or another, hate for your enemy will be the only way to escape from the shackles of oppression.

Did George Washington not hate his enemies? Did General Grant not hate his southern brothers enough to commit genocide against them to “win the war?”

History is marked by violence and triumph, not peaceful protest.

Meanwhile, we have SHORT SQUEEZES underway in two platforms that actually let people say what they want and let the marketplace of ideas be the barometer: $RUM and $DWAC.

Rumble has been targeted by short sellers and cabal lovers since it came public. Up until recently the stock had been hammered to record lows, amidst a heavy cash burn rate and main stream Wall Street hated for the platform, all but assuring once their ~$250m cash haul is expended — the company is likely to burn all the way to zero.

The other is Trump’s Truth Social, rallying for obvious reasons.

Youtube is the most oppressive of all social media venues and Musk’s X initially fashioned itself as a platform for free speech — but since October 7th and criticism of Israel went viral on the platform — things have changed on the platform and many influential users have been banned and/or demonetized. This is the same racket Youtube has been imposing on its creators for many years and the question that seems relevant now is ‘is there a marketplace for a true free speech platform like $RUM or is the only form of media friendly enough for advertisers is one that is heavily curated?’

More on this point: are media platforms too dependent on advertising? Perhaps if $RUM and others like it charged users a modest monthly fee to access the platform, like $NFLX and cable, they could build upon a predictable revenue stream and disconnect entirely from the banks who seek to control them.

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    The banks can shut folks down as well. See Substack.

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