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Chalk Up Another W for Le Fly

Even if I tried I could not lose money in this tape or any tape for that matter. Some of you might be really good at flipping burgers or flapped jacks, or perhaps washing windows or even polishing shoes. This is my trade and over the many decades of real life experience battling in the markets, I have taken on a grizzled visage — one of experience and wisdom — fully capable of surveying the market place and winning on a consistent basis.

This is the first day in nearly a fortnight that I didn’t feel on the verge of instantaneous death, a byproduct of the COVID virus. However terrible it is, I am immensely grateful for hating my government so much I didn’t trust them when they shopped their vaccines around in 2020 and 2021. For all of those who DIED SUDDENLY and are reading this in the afterlife, find solace in knowing you were just a fool and could not be saved.

Fools and women are tricked all the time, made to believe in fanciful things — told direct lies and hear nothing but truth. In some regard, these are high trust characteristics — but on the other a grave naivety because they believe the advice from the people who hate them most.

You are nothing more than useful cudgels in a millennia blood feud that will only be settled through war and violence. The political solutions have been expended and the middle ground is a mirage — a wayward pit falling deep into the fires of discord, vaccines, gay propaganda, radicalized hatred and a godless consumerism bordering on worship of the devil.

In other news, I am rather bullish on the tape for tomorrow’s opening salvo and have positions in very high priced stocks for another morning rally.

I made +112bps for the session, up 4.46% for the month of January.

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  1. duuude


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    • tradercaddy

      Yes, this one is a classic.
      I would like to see .a Fly “Davos” post. I just read the elitists say we peons can only drink 2-3 cups of coffee per year as coffee drinking contributes rather heavily (among everything else) to “global warming”.

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  2. hidden hills

    Told my brother, we should just sell our apt buildings and office buildings, and just buy stocks. up 9.62% already for the year and it’s not even Feb. We used to be happy with a return of 9% for the year. Where else can you make nine million in just three weeks. Just crazy stuff.

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