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What is the Next $NVDA?

$NVDA is now worth $500b more than $META, on the heels of Amazon. I’d like to lament on here wondering how I missed it — but I didn’t. I am long $NVDA from the low $100s in my children’s trust accounts — because I finally caved into the math.

These giant winners do not come out of nowhere. There are core fundamentals that drive them, specifically rev growth, free cash flow and gross margins. But in this era, one of the most important prerequisites for becoming a 10 bagger is you already need a market cap in the tens of billions if not higher. Only the super capitalized companies are able to scale these days, with very few exceptions. I did see scans inside Stocklabs in attempt to peer into the future, to find the next $NVDA. I already know what is it — and I’ll tell you now so you can read it and ignore it and then come back to this post in 5 years lamenting about the what could have beens, declaring yourself a loser.


At any rate, here is my special fundamentally driven screen results, sorted by companies with market caps over $50b.


That’s it.

Below these are stocks with caps between $10-50b — really scraping the bottom of the barrel here. These are some of the notables.

$DXCM, $FTNT, $DDOG, $SQ, $ZS, $TTD, $HUBS, $MDB and $NET.

It’s basically the who’s who of active trading stocks — and for a reason. Wall Street already knows the winners and the future winners. I forced to choose 3 of the stocks above to become a trillion dollar company — I’d choose $UBER, $ASML and $NOW.

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