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Look at me bowling on my many enemies, flaying them alive under the Bull sigil.

Conservatards are out in full force celebrating the ascendancy of mental patient escapee Milei getting ‘elected’ in Argentina, a nation not at all relevent since Hitler fled there in 1945. He says many abrasive things, all directed squarely at the “LIBTARDS” and makes grand promises to kill them all. The truth is much sadder, as he’s not going to be doing any of that shit at all. Change is genetic and cannot come artificially. The liberal democracies you absolute retards take for granted were bestowed upon us by great men who were visionaries. You cannot export moral ethics to people via one election. The people must do it when no one is looking. The people must want to return the shopping cart in the parking lot when it’s perfectly acceptable to just leave it there for someone else to put away.

GOOD SIRS — you are forgetting the answers.

At any rate, I’m in too good a mood to lecture you people about how things work. My daughter is flying in and I’ll be keeping her up at the airport soon. My spirits are very good, health is most excellent — gains are splendid.

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