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The impetus to execute the transgendered bulls has passed, an opportunity lost in the westerly winds of progress. Congratulations for all those celebrating TRANSGENDER REMEMBRANCE DAY on this day and may we revel in the adventures of bravery of all of the many sexes out there — people morphing from one to the next in search of pleasure and individualism.

I carried out my day in complete honor, gaining 80bps in genteel trade. This is National Festival Week, a time and place that is very special to Americans — as we celebrate the conquering of the Americas — superior people building towards the sky with dreams of living forever. We revel in the glory of Pax Americana when we cut into the turkeys and mashed potatoes, heavily gravied — washed down with either Apple cider or nectar of the Gods. I will always reflect back and cherish the many feasts enjoyed at House Fly and the feelings they gave me of hope and safety.

It is unusual for markets to bid lower on this Holy Week, but entirely acceptable to cut the elevator cords on Friday — as Blackened Friday looms and the expectations rarely if ever meld with reality.

I offer nothing but good tidings and happy days, at least until Friday. I shall not sell short, not matter my feelings and will only remind you, the unwashed reader, that to bet against the fondest memories and ravage their meaning is self-hatred. Love thyself before you can love others.

With that being said, I still hate you all — but feel that I am especially talented and gifted, unique in many regards, and will do as I like when I prefer to do it.

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