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Reconnecting with the Church

I was at church today for the fourth consecutive week after having a sojourn of sorts from organized religion for many years. I grew up being Catholic, switched to Episcopalian later on, and then went through a long period being agnostic/atheist. I am back to Catholicism — because all other forms of Christinaity are inferior frauds, built upon houses of lies.

It’s very easy to not believe in God, even look down on people who do as childish fools who believe in magical notions that can’t be proven in the physical world. But to be this way is also a religion, and you’ll just end up filling the vacuum by believing in other fanciful things like celebrities, politicians, athletes or other forms of idolatry. Truth is, at least for me, being in a church and listening to a well spoken sermon in a clean well kept building, adorned with gold chalices, well ironed robes, polish woods, and wonderfully crafted stained glass represents order and grace. I think anyone in need of peace and equanimity should visit his/her local parish and instill the virtues of God into their children; because if you don’t the vacuum will be filled by your local GLOBOHOMO politicians who do not share family friendly ethics, sense of justice, or morality.

There is an old saying “cleanliness is next to Godliness” and I think about that a lot because, unbeknownst to many of you who only see my belligerent side, I endeavor to improve as a person.

After church, we ventured off to clean my son’s new place, spend $600 at Whole Foods for Thanksgiving, and then read a little at home amidst Stan Getz jazz, family chatter, in a well lit room.

Finally, I sharpened two chef knives, made some sugared cranned-berries in preparation for Thanksgiving (I am what you might call a mixologist), which is an exciting holiday for me. The kids come back from college to spend the week with us and my wife and I enjoy spending maximum amounts of time with them — watching movies, dining out, playing games, trying to help them become happier and well balanced people. It’s not easy and I often regret not instilling certain moral values in them — but it does no good thinking about missed trades so I choose to think ahead.

Speaking of which, NASDAQ futs are -36 and I exited Friday fully long and emotionally scarred from a week of trading like an absolute bitch. I will be extremely angry in the morning should things not materialize in my favour.

Good night.

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    Have a great Thanksgiving weekend with your family, Fly.

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